There’s No Story Quite Like Yours
Make it into a book with Keepster
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Make it into a book with Keepster

Capture and Celebrate the Story of Your Romance

Turn Your Most Meaningful Messages and Photos into an everlasting Keepsake

From before the first date to the first ‘I love you’ and beyond - so much of your relationship is in your phone - in all your texts, photos and emojis. These are your modern day love letters! With Keepster you can now save them forever in a Keepster book: filling its pages with moments and memories you’d never want to forget. 


What better way to celebrate your love, laughter, dreams, adventures and all the joys you have shared, than with a book packed full of all of just that? Now with Keepster, in just a few easy steps, you can pick any of the highlights, the silly moments or the little details that all too easily could slip from your memory. 


A Keepster book is the most personal and meaningful keepsake. It’s s a unique and brand new way to gift your special someone. Perfect for the holidays, a Valentines or anniversary gift that will never get old or be forgotten.


Easily Backup &
Organize your
Create folders for your most
important messages by theme,
person or any topic that you choose.
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Free to download & use Keepster.

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Surprise that special someone with the ultimate, most personalized gift yet: your very own love story!

Cozy up with the love of your life and relive all those magical, hilarious, major milestone moments and messages.

Easily create your Keepster book today! 

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Free to download & use Keepster.
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Personalize your book cover with your own photo, title
and description. Archives of the past, for the future!