Texts so good they should be a book

From LOL to I love you, Keepster lets you turn your favorite chats into a one-of-a-kind book.

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Backup texts, iMessages, and WhatsApp chats on your computer... and turn them into a book!


Keepster helps you save and protect your most important messages.
Easily organize your favorites into folders and order beautifully printed books or PDFs.

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Easily Backup & Select your favorite messages

Whether funny, sentimental, or serious, cherry-pick your favorite chat threads. Using Keepster you can search by keyword or filter by date to find the messages you want to save.

The stupidest thing your best friend has ever said. The small moments where someone reminds you that they love you. The ridiculous messages that make no sense to anyone but your friends. You’re going to be amazed at all the great messages in your conversations.
Organize Your Messages into Folders!

Create folders for your most important messages by theme person or any topic that you choose.
Now you can even save messages from different platforms into the same folder. Get started today saving your messages that matter with Keepster folders.
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Keepster works across all of these platforms
Turn favorite messages into printed or digital books!
Commerate special moments.
Create a journal with your unique language.
Relive those jokes that you share with friends.
And a thousand more reasons …
Share the messages that matter as books, printed or digitally, with your friends and family.
your Keepster Books!
Texting books are perfect for gifts,
memorials or any special occasion.
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Personalize your printed or digital book cover with your own photo, title and description. Archives of the past, for always!


Protect your most important messages!

Free to download & use Keepster. In-App purchases available

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Make a book to always remember....