Your Favorite Texts: In Message Books for Your Coffee Table

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Turn meaningful messages into a printed or digital

texting book. Include your favorite text and photos.

Capture Messages from Your Favorite Messaging Apps
Keepster texting books are a great way to relive your favorite messages. From heartwarming texts with loved ones to silly jokes in group chats. If you’re looking for a unique and personal gift, Keepster books are for you!




“The book of texts is such high quality and a true treasure to keep for years. So thrilled to find your service! ”




“Keepster is at the forefront of modern remembrance of the special moments loved ones share through technology.”


Jane D.


“What a wonderful idea! Great app. Easy to work with and great customer support. Love it!”

Keepster book gifting

Give a gift they can’t stop smiling about.

There’s nothing more unique than a Keepster Message Book.

From every LOL to I love you, create a book with the best texts, photos, memes, and emojis you’ve shared with the most important people in your life. Perfect for anniversaries, holidays, celebrations, and more.

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How to print text messages and customize a Keepster Message Book

From 20-800 pages, hardcover, softcover or digital.
Choose from our design options and make your book your own.


Choose your cover color and photo

Pick one of the sixteen colors for your Keepster Book cover. The colors options change throughout the year to stay fresh and seasonal. The photo on the cover is optional. Your call!

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Choose your font and write your title

There are six different fonts, large, small, italicized and bold. So suit your style for your message book title! Also, for the messages themselves there are also three different fonts to choose from.

Make a book

Pour your heart out in your very own dedication

If inspiration, you can write a dedication that can be up to a full page where you can say all that needs to be said to put the final touches on your Keepster book. C’mon don’t be shy!

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We stand behind the quality of our books and proudly gift them to everyone we love.

We use high quality paper for our printed books and they make excellent gifts.

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A book made to keep precious memories close, forever.
Midori A, a verified customer, shares her deeply personal and moving story about the untimely loss of her boyfriend, and how the Keepster book that she made will help her keep those sweet memories alive.
A message book filled with family text messages & chats
Check out this 2-part video review by verified-customer, busy mom and lifestyle blogger, Suzanne Brown, who made a Keepster book as the perfect Father’s Day gift for her husband. Watch Videos >>

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