Your favorite texts, now on your coffee table.

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Turn meaningful messages into a printed book.

Include your favorite texts, emojis and photos.

Capture Messages from Your Favorite Messaging Apps
Keepster books are a great way to relive your favorite messages. From heartwarming texts with loved ones to silly jokes in group chats. If you’re looking for a unique and personal gift, Keepster books are for you!
Customize Your Keepster Book
Choose your title, cover color and a cover picture.
Add a special dedication on the title page.
Preview of making a Keepster Book step-by-step
We also have a tutorial video and step-by-step guide for how to make a Keepster book. For more instructional videos, see our How-To posts.
Keepster Book Covers
Choose from our selection of solids or patterns to personalize your book further. As shown, the cover wraps the entire book, with the title and optional picture on the front, and our logo is on the back.
Keepster book cover example 01
Keepster book cover example 02
Keepster book cover example 04
Keepster book cover example 03
Keepster book cover example 05
Keepster book cover example 06
Keepster Books covers options
Keepster Book Fonts

The right font really makes the book!

Choose from a variety of fonts and styles to further personalize your Keepster book.

You can even mix and match fonts if you like. Use our standard classic or explore the fonts that are right for you!

Keepster Books font options

Keepster Books have a Title page and an optional Dedication page.

Select fonts & styling for further personalization of Keepster Books.

Title Page & Dedication Page

Title Page Layout
Title page layout
Dedication page layout
Dedication page layout
Keepster Books Size & Pricing
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Pages Price Binding
0-31 $12.99** Book type saddle
starting at
Book type perfect
starting at
Book type hardcover
* price varies based on the numbers of pages.
** promo codes not applicable
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Check out this 2-part video review by verified-customer, busy mom and lifestyle blogger, Suzanne Brown, who made a Keepster book as the perfect Father’s Day gift for her husband. Watch Videos >>
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