A Personalized Storybook for the #1 Mom

Turn the stories of the wonderful women in your life into a unique, custom gift this Mother’s Day

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Making a Personalized Gift for Mom with Keepster

Yes, you could always get the moms in your life some flowers and a heartfelt card this Mother’s Day…

But if these are your go-to gifts, they can start to feel a bit stale over the years. 

If you’re looking for a personalized gift for mom—something truly thoughtful that she’ll cherish for years to come—Keepster has you covered.

Keepster is an app that lets you turn your personal text messages and photos into a one-of-a-kind custom storybook. 

Whether they’re from a family group chat or your direct message thread, you can commemorate your favorite moments with mom and relive them together as she reads through her Keepster message book. 

And the best part?

You’ve already done all the heavy lifting! 

All the LOLs, I love yous, pictures, and memes have already been sent. The rest is simple. 

With Keepster, you can easily backup, search, and organize long text message threads from your phone. But not just from your iMessage and SMS chats…

You can also backup messages from LINE, WhatsApp, Hike Messenger, and Viber. 

In just a few minutes, you can turn these special memories into a professionally-printed storybook, complete with pictures and added personal messages.



The Best Moments to Capture in Your Keepster Message Book

Moms are an endless source of inspiration, wisdom, love, and support. 

They lift us up when we’re down, make us laugh, give us guidance, help raise our children, and serve as role models for the entire family.

So, when crafting your personalized gift for mom, look for those moments and choose the ones that mean the most to you and your loved ones. You can record a milestone in mom’s life, commemorate a family vacation or celebration, or just include all those every day back and forths that are proof of all the positive ways she’s impacted your life.

You can even get the kids involved!

Keepster allows you to create a custom dedication at the front of the book. So, why not let your kids write their own personal messages to mom to make it all the more special?

A personalized storybook of how she’s helped to shape her family’s lives will surely bring a smile to her face and maybe even a tear to her eye.


Why Use Keepster Books This Mother’s Day?

It may not seem like it because we use our phones so often, but we’re constantly creating memories with the moms in our life every day. 

We text them about everything—baby’s first steps, pictures from soccer practice, the school play, rough days at work—and they’re always there to provide words of wisdom and plenty of love in their own special way.

That’s what’s so beautiful about relationships. We all have our own unique way of sharing them. 

Our experiences together shape the way we communicate: the way we encourage each other, the inside jokes we tell, and the way we show love.

Our mission at Keepster books is to help you create a lasting keepsake that encapsulates your unique “language.” A physical record of you, your mom, and your family communicating the way only you can—cute nicknames, family sayings, recipes, home remedies, and all. 

The most important woman in your life deserves to know how special she is, and a personalized Keepster message book is the perfect way to show her.



For More Information on How to Make a Personalized Gift for Mom Using Keepster 

To turn your personal messages with mom into a Keepster book, simply follow the steps below:

  • Connect your phone to your computer and after backing up your messages from your phone to your computer, use the Keepster app to create a backup of your messages from all your favorite messaging apps (iMessage/SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) in Keepster.

    • Simply click “Create New Backup” and follow the instructions to complete this step.

  • Now that your messages are backed up, you can search through them using names, dates, and keywords to find the ones you want to save and add them to a Keepster folder.

  • If you’d like to add additional content (text or photos) that wasn't originally sent in your message threads, you can do so when editing your Keepster folder by clicking the plus sign where you want the content to appear.

  • Once you’ve collected all the messages you want to feature in your Mother’s Day book and added extra content, head over to the My Projects tab and select Create a New Keepster Book.

  • From there, you can:

    • Select your cover color 

    • Choose the cover layout

    • Add your book title

    • Write a personalized dedication for mom

    • Select a font for your messages

    • Customize the date and time of your messages (useful for switching from your timezone to the recipient’s timezone)

    • View a final preview of your Keepster message book

    • Select the binding for your book (you can also choose if you’d like a digital version of your book during this step)

    • Complete the billing and shipping process


For a complete step-by-step walkthrough on how to create your Mother’s Day storybook, check out our blog: How to Make Keepster Books.

We’re dedicated to bringing you a uniquely thoughtful, professionally-made, and high-quality Mother’s Day gift your mom will never forget!


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