How to Share Photos & Memories from Your Recent Trip (Group Edition)

Easily organize & share group texts & photos from your vacation with these simple tips

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From hatching the idea in the group chat to bringing it to life, every moment of your vacation deserves to be remembered. Capturing these memories allows us to relive them again and again and share them with the friends and loved ones we experienced them with.

But if you’ve ever been a part of one of these group threads, you know what usually happens after the trip…

Everyone dumps their photos in the chat, saves the ones they don’t already have, and then forgets about them. It’s not for lack of trying, though.

You fully intend to turn these special moments into a keepsake for the group, but when you snap back to reality, life just gets in the way.

That’s why we created this guide!

With the following tips, group text and photo sharing with family and friends is a piece of cake. Below, you’ll learn how to easily immortalize your favorite moments from your recent vacation and give the gift of nostalgia to the ones you spent it with.


The Best Photo Sharing & Printing App for Group Vacations

There are dozens of photo-sharing apps that let you organize and print out your vacation photos. Many of them even allow you to make custom photo albums out of them.

But if you want a reliable way to preserve text messages from your vacation group chat, you may be searching for a while.

That’s what makes Keepster stand out from traditional photo-sharing apps.

The Keepster app allows you to organize, preserve, and turn your vacation texts and photos into a physical (or digital) keepsake book. 

Along with all the hilarious and “aww”-worthy photos, Keepster lets you capture all the conversations that led up to your trip…

When someone first pitched the idea, dreaming up where to go and what to do, the excitement before finally meeting up, and, of course, reminiscing about all the crazy and memorable moments afterward.

These conversations are just as much a part of your experience as the trip itself, and being able to share them with your friends and family will take you right back to the fun, hilarity, and emotion of your vacation. 


Finding the Highlights From Your Vacation Group Text Thread

If you wanted to, you could collect all your vacation group texts and photos and add them to your own personalized Keepster book in an hour.

This photo-sharing app is so easy because it allows you to back up your text conversations to your computer and search them using dates, names, and keywords. That way, finding your messages is as simple as typing in the dates surrounding your trip.

Then, you can add all the texts and photos you want to keep into a custom Keepster folder. From there, you can use them to create and customize your vacation keepsake book!


Easy Tips for Gathering Photos From a Group Vacation

To collect all the text and photos from your trip, you can either save your individual threads with each person or pull them from your group chat.

If you only have individual threads, ask each person to send you all the photos they have, and then save each thread to your Keepster backup.

For group chats, make sure everyone sends their photos in, and then create your Keepster backup.

Also, the Keepster photo-sharing app lets you pull from other messaging apps like WhatsApp, LINE, Hike Messenger, and Viber. So, don’t forget to collect memories from those platforms as well!


How to Share Photos & Texts From Your Group Trip

With Keepster, there are a couple of fun ways to share your vacation memories with friends and loved ones.

You can create a printed book—complete with a custom title, cover, dedication, font, binding, and more—and ship out copies to everyone…

Or, if printing and shipping aren't going to work out, you can design your own digital ebook and share it via email or text!


Tell the Story Only You Can Tell

When crafting your personalized vacation Keepster book, you can add additional photos and custom messages in addition to those from your message threads.

This gives you the chance to add all the little details that made your trip unforgettable…

Like the group toasting their drinks to kick off the vacation, busting your sides laughing when your friend fell in the pool, or soaking in the view after finishing your hike. 

It’s also the perfect opportunity to add quotes and quips from each group member to your book. That way, everyone can put a little piece of themselves into it.

From start to finish, your trip was unforgettable, and your memento should reflect that.

Want to learn more about how to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake with the Keepster photo sharing app? Check out our How-To blog category here for everything you need to know.

And if you’re looking for inspiration on how to craft your storybook, take a look at some of the unique creations our happy customers have made here.


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