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We Support Black Lives Matter

“And so, it is time to revise everything. We must revise the way we speak, the way we work, the way we think and the way we act. We must do better. And we must do it now. We just can’t wait any longer.”
- Samora Pinderhughes, The Root 

We had planned to write about Father’s Day: filling this slice of your inbox with tales of texts turned treasured keepsakes. Then, our world watched in disbelief as a Black father - a fellow human being - senselessly lost his life at the hands of another man. George Floyd’s death has reignited what we hope to be one of history’s most transformative racial justice that we unequivocally stand on the right side of.

George Floyd’s murder wasn’t a ‘wake up call’. Nor were Ahmaud Arberry’s, Breonna Taylor’s, Trayvon Martin’s, Eric Garner’s, or any of the other daughters, sons, fathers, mothers whose lives were cut short as a result of systemic racism. The same alarm has been ‘ringing’ for hundreds of years. and yet, it’s 2020, and here we a space and place that calls for radical change - in hopes, no, demand - that every daughter, son, father and mother may have access to the same fundamental rights.

Worldwide, changemakers poured into the streets calling for justice and such equality - highlighting the layered yet simple truth: this cannot be one race’s issue, this must be on all of us, collectively, as human beings, as mothers, as fathers, as daughters, as sons. We are stronger together.

We are listening. We are learning. We are unlearning. We are educating ourselves in our continued commitment to anti-racism in action. As we do so, we look towards our community with renewed purpose and profound gratitude. We are an app that is built around the fierce belief that human connection is second to none; that through every season of life, it is the ability to share such connection with one another that makes our time here meaningful. Impactful. Change making. Never before have we felt a greater appreciation for such connection, communication, and crucial conversation.

It is those connections that keep us moving forward. Towards tomorrow. Towards change. Towards justice. Towards peace. Towards a world that holds a safe space for every mother, father, daughter, son. For every human being. Because all lives simply cannot matter, until Black lives matter.


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A Review that Rocked Us

We received a customer review recently that rocked us. A customer had created a Keepster book out of her beloved - and recently departed - father’s texts. 

We had planned to observe Father’s Day quietly as a brand, but this review reminded us of our earlier statement: human connection is second to none. We are honored to offer a technology and product that celebrates and commemorates such connections and digital conversations - through every season of life. The milestones, the mundane, the wonderful, the wild, the memories, the in memorandum. Your texts are snapshots, proof of connection and conversations that you. We hope you that if you are able to, you take a moment to cherish and celebrate the power of your own connections. Whether celebrating the Dad in your life, or simply taking stock of the incredible impact one wonderful human being can have on your life...we are humbled and honored to play a part.



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Save your most meaningful conversations, every last message!

June 2020


How do I save more than 3,000 messages to Keepster folder? 

We have been blown away by the number of people who have reached out and asked:  “I am trying to save my entire conversation to a folder, but I can only add 2,000 - 3,000 messages.  How do I add all the messages in my thread?”.  Well, if you have seen this warning message, here are instructions on how to save your entire conversation to Keepster folders.



In a nutshell, you create a Keepster folder with your first batch of 2,000 - 3,000 messages. Then you open that folder and add additional batches of messages by clicking on the “Edit Messages” tab until you have added in all the messages you’d like from your conversations. 

Detailed instructions are provided below, but before we get started, let’s review  some of the basic facts about Keepster works:

  1. Keepster folders can contain an unlimited number of messages.  So, if you are just using Keepster to back up and save important conversations in folders, with no plans to make a book, you can just keep adding and adding as many messages as you like to your folder.
  2. Keepster books can be a maximum of 800 pages.  This means you can’t order a book that is even 801 pages.  So, as you build your folders keep this in mind.  Since message lengths vary greatly it’s impossible to predict how many messages make up an 800-page book.  So, the way to see how many pages you have in your folder is to “Preview” your Book.  

To get started let’s assume you have completed a backup of messages to your computer and are ready to browse for messages.  If you have any questions about how to backup your messages, check out our “Getting Started” blog post.  


STEP 1:  Create a Keepster folder

The best way to approach saving an entire conversation is to use the date filter and select a time period with 2,000-3,000 messages.  

  1. Click to select the start date or beginning of the conversation you are trying to save.  Then click a date that you feel is appropriate to net under 3,000 messages.  We recommend using the end of a month so it’s easy to remember the date to use for your second batch.  
  2. The “Total Messages” counter will update with the number of messages for that time period.  
  3. Lastly, click “Select All Messages” to grab the batch of messages and click “Create a Keepster”.



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How to Save Thousands of Messages



Wrap Up ... 

Hopefully, this helps explain how to make Keepster folders and books filled with thousands and thousands of your favorite messages. We think you’ll love your 800-page book when it arrives.  Get started making yours today!


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