Saving Text Messages From A Loved One Who Passed Away

Learn how to memorialize & relive your most precious text conversations with dearly-departed loved ones

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You shared unforgettable memories, they taught you things that will stick with you forever, and they impacted your life like no one else could.

There are no words to describe what it’s like to grieve someone who held a special place in your heart. And once they’re gone, every piece of themselves they left behind—no matter how small—is priceless.

Family pictures, holiday gifts, birthday cards with their handwriting, and old text message threads that go back years. These are the precious mementos that take you back in time and make you feel like they’re right by your side, chatting and laughing with you all over again.

But unlike other keepsakes, saving text messages can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look. The good news is…

You Don’t Have to Hold Onto Old, Obsolete Devices

When someone means everything to you, it’s the little moments—the daily communication that you miss the most. 

The “Good morning ๐Ÿ˜Š” texts. Sharing cute photos of your puppy. The silly references to your favorite shows…

If you’ve thought about preserving text messages from a lost loved one, chances are you have an old phone (or two) with all these beautiful moments inside.

Even though it’s digital, being able to look back and read the funny, thoughtful, and affectionate messages they sent you keeps their memory close and helps you shoulder the grief—like digital love notes that perfectly embody your relationship.

But when old devices are your only way of accessing these cherished memories, a cracked screen, bad battery, or other malfunction is all it takes to lose them forever. 

Plus, the sensation of holding a phone and looking at messages on a screen just isn’t the same as strumming grandpa’s old guitar or admiring his painting on the wall. The most precious keepsakes are the ones that give us something tangible to hold onto—something we can feel and connect with that brings back memories of that special someone.


Preserve Text Messages & Create Your Very Own “In Memoriam” Book With Keepster

With the Keepster app, you’ll never have to worry about losing all your treasured text messages.

Using iPhone backups, Keepster allows you to download, view, and search old messages from your iMessage/SMS app, LINE, WhatsApp, Hike Messenger, and Viber right from your computer.

That way, no matter what happens to your old phone, you’ll have a record of your conversations with your late loved one that will last forever.

Even better, you can bring those memories to life again by collecting all your favorite messages and turning them into a one-of-a-kind Keepster book. A physical keepsake with all the laughs, I love yous, and deep, illuminating conversations you can reach for whenever you want to feel them beside you again.

How to Create a Keepster Book

Once you’ve backed up your messages to your computer, creating a Keepster book is a simple step-by-step process:

  1. In the Keepster app on your computer, create a new Keepster Folder for all the messages from your late loved one. You can also name it if you like (ex: “Conversations With Mom”).
  2. From your phone backup, search for the meaningful texts you want to add using dates and keywords and add them to your Keepster folder.
    • You can also add personal notes and photos to your book wherever you like.
  3. Once you’ve finished collecting messages, go to the My Projects tab and select “Create New Keepster Book.”
  4. Personalize your Keepster memorial book (cover color and layout, title page, dedication, font, and binding).
  5. Fill out your order information (payment, shipping information, etc.).

We understand the pain and mental exhaustion that comes with losing a loved one. The last thing you need is a messy, confusing hassle when trying to create something special to remember them by. 

That’s why this system is ideal. It’s smooth and easy to follow, even for those in the midst of the grieving process.

Themes & Ideas for Your Keepster Memorial Book

If you need some inspiration for what kind of Keepster Book to create, here are some thoughtful ideas to honor a loved one’s memory:

  • Build a collection of cherished text messages with added photos of you and your loved one.
  • Combine conversations and memories from other family members and friends into one collective memorial book.
  • Give a thoughtful gift to a loved one mourning the loss of a spouse, family member, or friend. 



What Keepster Means to Those in Mourning

We’ve had so many people reach out to us about how to preserve text messages from a dearly departed loved one…

And we feel so grateful to provide a service that helps them relive their favorite moments and carry the burden of their loss.

Here are some wonderful quotes from customers who created “In Memoriam” books with Keepster:

“I used this to save profound life-changing messages from my dear older sister after she passed away. The process was easy enough to figure out…if I can navigate it with a grief-filled fog brain anyone can…It's been really helpful for my healing and I plan to do one for my girlfriend and I who have just met this last year and we are always talking how our one-year iPhone thread will be cleansed soon and we wish we could preserve the first cheesy 3 months or so! Highly recommend if you want to preserve memories. The ability to flip open a book and read a really uplifting message that my sister used to send me regularly on horrible days is priceless.”   —Amber
“I would recommend making a book of your text messages between you and someone you have lost in your life. As part of the grieving process, I found it helped to have this precious book that I can visit to relive the beautiful words we shared. Thank you Keepster. The website was simple to use too.”    —Judy
“After my sister passed away this was the perfect way to keep her memory with me. Our last year of laughs and tears all in one little book. Thank you!”   —Kevin D.
“Woah!!! I got one for my grandmother after my grandfather passed away. A great gift! Such high quality and incredibly worth the price!!!! My expectations weren’t high but they really did an amazing job with this!”   —Lindsey G.
“I absolutely love the quality of these books! They are pricey but definitely worth it. My boyfriend passed away and it meant so much to be able to put our text messages into books that I can read through any time. I’m glad this exists!”   —Adriana


Final Thoughts

In the digital age, where communication is blindingly fast, saving text messages, photos, and other memories from a departed loved one is like capturing lightning in a bottle.

But your grief shouldn’t be accompanied by the fear of losing those beloved moments to time.

You deserve the ability to revisit them whenever you need the warm embrace of a cherished memory.

With a custom Keepster book, you’ll always have a physical memento to keep their memory with you every step of the way.


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