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The best gifts are those that stay with you. There’s a reason our refrigerators and walls end up covered with kindergarten art, calendars that feature aunts' faces, and gobs of great holiday photos.

Keepster ups the gift-giving-game by helping you create custom gifts that mean the most. Keepster’s personalized books allow you to turn your best text message threads into a truly touching storybook. Pick out unforgettable text messages from your loved ones and create a gift that moves them like nothing else possibly could. Customize a Keepster text message storybook to share the chats and photos that mean the world to you. Design your own unforgettable and meaningful gifts.


What Makes a Gift Meaningful?

Meaningful gifts are gifts that are selected with serious, important, useful, or purposeful intent - meaning that the needs, desires, and aspirations of the recipient (gift-receiver) were carefully considered by the gift-giver. These are the gifts that mean the most. 

Any gift that you give should have meaning to it. The true questions should be: How do you make a gift meaningful? What are some of the qualities to consider when making a meaningful gift for a loved one? 

Read our list of top reasons you should choose a meaningful gift with customized messages this holiday season.

  • Thoughtful - You pay attention to them and things that matter to them. If your gift is thoughtful, it will make you feel great, too.  That “helper’s high” of the powerful happiness chemical, oxytocin, will leave you buzzing in the right way.
  • Make the Recipient Feel Loved -  Honor them in a way that shows you care.  When you formalize your love in a printed book and include your own custom messages, it makes the recipient feel loved in a way that is tangible and meaningful.
  • Customized and Unique - Make a message that is customized to fit the gift you are creating. Custom and unique gifts are always more meaningful than a standard purchase from your local department store.
  • Surprising - A surprising gift can be a way to make your gift meaningful. Shock and awe leaves a lasting impression for all. If this is your first time making a custom gift, Keepster is the best way to start.  We’ve worked on the ultimate process to optimize the ease of creating a personalized book from your messages and photos and we offer multiple customization options. 
  • Inside Joke - If you have a legendary, special inside joke or two, those can be the most meaningful messages to turn into a custom gift.  Pull from moments that you’ve had together that made you chuckle, or where you “really had to be there.”  Help make them smile or smirk every time they see their personalized reminder of fun times.
  • Strengthening Memories and Bonds - Sharing the moments between the two of you in a gift is one of the best things to keep relationships healthy and encourage ongoing communication. In an increasingly digital world, our communications with loved ones can drop off.  By sharing a custom book with photos and text messages memories, you encourage your loved one to keep that line of communication open and flowing by illustrating just how much their messages mean to you.
  • Keepsake from a Loved One - Life is short. That special, last text from a loved one is one of the most cherished keepsakes we can have. Help socialize the memories of treasured family, friends, and furry companions so you can share their special impact with people who want to multiply and magnify the glory of their light in this world. You can use your stored texts, chats, and photos in a meaningful way to create a custom storybook your loved ones will never forget.



Why Keepster Custom Books Are Meaningful Gifts

Keepster is the best custom messaging text book option for meaningful gifts. Keepster allows you to make a custom book using a variety of any of your meaningful text messages. Keepster books are super thoughtful and make your recipient feel loved because they are unique and surprising.  Make your inside jokes, memories and keepsakes that are stored in your phone come-to-life in a real, printed and bound book.  

Keepster books are a great portable solution as books can be created through your iPhone with the custom Keepster app. Take a look at some of the quotes below that describe the user experience of creating a custom message book with Keepster.

“Discover the Keepster Book as an unforgettable gift, nothing competes with a real personalized book for lasting value and sentimentality. Your generosity will never be forgotten. All of those memories can now become a wonderful keepsake – and the perfect gift for your loved ones.”

 “Design your own custom book with Keepster today! If you need more book gift ideas, checkout our previous blog posts here.”


For More Information on How to Create a Custom Keepster Book

Keeping the messages that mean the most is often an overlooked opportunity, it seems so simple, but it’s still a powerful memento and physical artifact that hits you differently than the digital delivery does. While we generally live our lives online, our printed books bring our digital lives into our analog lives to tie them together in a unique, fun, and inspiring way.

Keepster books are very near and dear to our hearts, as they are the idea from which the Keepster app sprang to life.  Take advantage of the opportunity to turn messages from your iPhone into professionally printed and bound books.  Keepster Books are a wonderful way to re-live and re-visit special messages that truly mean the most. 

The great news about making a book is that all you need is to have created a Keepster folder. And from there, turning one into a book is a snap! 

To quote one of our customers: 

 “Such an adorable and unique record of our family’s history at a great moment. It took me less than 5 minutes to make!!! So much more fun and EASIER than any other photo book!”


Keepster book text message book for Mom



Keepster Books are based on the messages that you have backed up and saved to Keepster folders.  If you have not already made a Keepster Folder, check out our post on How to Make Keepster folders. If you wish to change, remove or add newer messages please refer to How to Edit Keepster Folders, How to Save Thousands of Texts, and to How to Update your Keepster backup

Learn more about how to make your Keepster book, step by step, in our guide to making text message books.



Why Meaningful Messages are So Moving

Meaningful messages are so moving because it shows forethought.  To know that a loved one spent their energy, and love pouring into our gift means that you were worth an investment more precious than anything: their time.  

When you create a custom book with meaningful messages, you’re certain to leave a lasting impression that beats generic gifts and knick-knacks that people find online. Spend a little time on creating a meaningful message book for your loved-one and see how it lights them up.  

What are your favorite messages to receive? What messages do you want to preserve? Let us know in the comments below! 


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