7 Ways to make your Keepster Book a great looking romantic gift.

For Valentines, Anniversaries or just because ... design the gift of a lifetime.

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We exist because of romance. This is our’ raison d’etre’. 
Literally, our founder created Keepster because she wanted to make a book of texts as a gift for Valentine’s Day. So, welcome! You found the right place to create a jaw-dropping gift for the love of your life, your soulmate or your crush. Whether it’s for Valentine’s, or to celebrate any special occasion, look no further! 

Whether you’ve been texting with a lifetime lover or best friend, you can transform those messages into a keepsake like no other. Filled with the words and photos you’ve shared, a Keepster book is a beautiful, modern-day equivalent of a collection of love letters. A lasting testament to a unique connection that most likely has shaped your life. 

If such an endeavor sounds a little daunting, or you need some tips and inspiration, read on! 


1. Relax - you already have tons of great material!

Scroll through your messages and, chances are, if you’re making a book for your special someone, there’ll be more than plenty of great texts. We know you’ll recognize them the second you re-visit them πŸ˜‰: the intimate ones, the ones that made your heart beat faster, the ones that cracked you up. Maybe a back and forth of crazy pics? Or the ones you screenshot at the time - bookmarking them for future butterflies? 

You choose - and we’ll make it easy. From a slim and trim version (kind of the ultimate’ greeting card’) to an 800-page whopper of a book - or anything in between - trust us, you will have more than enough! 

Design detail: Aside from photos, if you like lively be sure to include the emojis. We size them up so that they’re crisp and clear, and add wonderful splashes of color to your pages.

keepster romantic messages



2. Word from the wise: Plan the conclusion to the book! 

Since your messages will appear chronologically, you can actually ‘create’ a beautiful up-to-the-moment conclusion to your book. It’s easy! Just text your loved one a last batch of messages, for this volume (hopefully many more, to come). 

Hot tip: A long string of hearts, XOXO’s, emojis, or something particularly πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🌈 makes a great looking last line. 


3. We have the tools - please, use them!

Where to start? Why not where it all started? Once you’ve backed up your messages, you can easily toggle back to the very first message in your entire thread by clicking on the ←Oldest button. Or maybe you’d prefer a specific SMS to start off your book? Simply use our dual search feature - searching by keyword and/or date to easily zero in on the hidden gems. 

keepster folder beginning and end



4. Make a book that should definitely be judged by its cover!

No question that what’s on the inside is gold, but no question it’s absolutely worth it to design a fabulous book cover too. Try out different color covers. There’s a selection of pretty classic fonts to choose from, but each projects a very different vibe. More so when used in regular, italics or bold, and with different layouts too. Be sure to preview your design, so you can get it just so! 

A tip from the pro’s: If the title doesn't fit quite ‘right’ - try it in different sizes to create a title and a subtitle, or try aligning differently.  

keepster design book cover screens



5. A (good) cover picture tells a thousand words. 

Our preference is to have a picture on the cover rather than not, but of course, that’s up to you. In our not-so-humble opinion close-ups work best. Also, the brighter the photo, the better. So feel free to zoom, edit exposure, brightness, or contrast,  and sharpen the image as much as needed. Color and black and white pictures both work equally well, however, if you choose to use a black and white photo, we think the white or ivory covers are the way to go for a very classic look. 

Another sneaky little tip: If you’re planning on using a recent photo, if possible, try to snap a few versions to be sure you’ll have the perfect one to fit the square format on the cover. Also, pics taken in portrait mode are almost always the winners.

keepster anniversary book



6. The Dedication ... if not now, then when? 

The dedication page is right after the title page - tucked inside to be revealed when the recipient cracks the spine of their Keepster book. No obligation to write one but ... We love that there’s a whole page for you to get hopelessly carried away, spill, brim over, quote Shakespeare, lines from your favorite song, whatever. Will it be laid out as a letter of love, a poem or an Ode to Joy? Aha! Another chance to make your special mark! 

For the less poetically inclined, there is a practical alternative. Consider including the date and occasion for easy memory making. You simply cannot go wrong!

composing dedication in keepster app and preview



7. Preview! Preview! PREVIEW!

With all the choices available to you, we urge you to make sure that you've checked them all. Are the names showing up the way you want - on the title page? Would nicknames be better? Do you like the colors selected for each name?  If not there are endless choices. Did you set the right time stamp for the messages? Depending on the size and orientation of photos, sometimes a hunk of blank space will take up a page. Some people like that. Others do not. Know that you always have the option to delete or add content when you go back to the original Keepster folder and select Edit. When previewing enlarge the book so not a detail gets missed! 

keepster romantic book full preview screen



Time to place your order ... 

Now that inspiration has struck, Cupid has been hit, and you’ve picked the perfect design, you are 100% ready to place your order! 
In order to have your custom, high-quality chat book wrapped and ready for your special occasion, please place your order by no later than 2 weeks before … maybe 3 just to be safe. 

keepster delivery truck - order 2-3 weeks prior date needed



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