How to save more than 3,000 messages to your Keepster folders

When messages threads are long, and you want to save them all, be sure that all those important messages will be saved together, in folders. Never worry about losing one word!

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Making your Keepster Folder

We have been blown away by the number of people who have reached out and asked:  “I am trying to save my entire conversation to a folder, but I can only add 2,000 - 3,000 messages.  How do I add all the messages in my thread?”.  Well, if you have seen this warning message, here are instructions on how to save your entire conversation to Keepster folders.



In a nutshell, you create a Keepster folder with your first batch of 2,000 - 3,000 messages. Then you open that folder and add additional batches of messages by clicking on the “Edit Messages” tab until you have added in all the messages you’d like from your conversations. 

Detailed instructions are provided below, but before we get started, let’s review  some of the basic facts about Keepster works:

  1. Keepster folders can contain an unlimited number of messages.  So, if you are just using Keepster to back up and save important conversations in folders, with no plans to make a book, you can just keep adding and adding as many messages as you like to your folder.
  2. Keepster books can be a maximum of 800 pages.  This means you can’t order a book that is even 801 pages.  So, as you build your folders keep this in mind.  Since message lengths vary greatly it’s impossible to predict how many messages make up an 800-page book.  So, the way to see how many pages you have in your folder is to “Preview” your Book.  

To get started let’s assume you have completed a backup of messages to your computer and are ready to browse for messages.  If you have any questions about how to backup your messages, check out our “Getting Started” blog post.  


STEP 1:  Create a Keepster folder

The best way to approach saving an entire conversation is to use the date filter and select a time period with 2,000-3,000 messages.  

  1. Click to select the start date or beginning of the conversation you are trying to save.  Then click a date that you feel is appropriate to net under 3,000 messages.  We recommend using the end of a month so it’s easy to remember the date to use for your second batch.  
  2. The “Total Messages” counter will update with the number of messages for that time period.  
  3. Lastly, click “Select All Messages” to grab the batch of messages and click “Create a Keepster”.



STEP 2:  Add more messages to the Keepster folder you just created

Now that you have created a folder for the first batch of messages, your next step would be to open that Keepster Folder and to go to the “Edit Messages” tab (1), in order to add more messages.



Once on the Edit Message tab, click the “Add Messages”(2)  button to begin browsing for the next batch of messages.


At this point, simply repeat what you did in STEP 1 using the date filter to pick up where you left off.  

  1. Select the next appropriate start date after the end of your first batch. Then, select an end date that you think would be approximately 3,000 messages or less.  (Make a note of the new end date in case you need to add a batch 3)
  2. The “Total Messages” counter will reflect the number of messages in the time period you selected.  
  3. Just like before, click “Select All Messages” to grab the batch of messages
  4. Click “Add to Keepster”.



You can repeat this process until you have saved all the messages you want from your conversation.  If your objective is to just save your messages to Keepster folders, there is really no limit to the number of messages you can have in your folder.  

If your objective is to make a Keepster book, you will need to cap off the number of messages at 800 pages worth.  It is hard to say how many messages will add up to 800 pages.  It really depends on the length of the messages and number of pics saved to the folder.  So, here are instructions for how to see how many pages your Keepster book will be.



How to preview the number of pages in your Keepster book 

To see how many pages worth of messages you’ve saved to your folder.  We recommend following this process after each batch of messages has been added to your folder to make sure your book doesn’t go over 800 pages.  


If you haven’t created a Book project yet, you will need to go through the screens that allow you to make some choices about the design of your book.  You will be able to revise any of the selections you make before ordering, so don’t worry if you want to quickly complete each step to get to the Preview screen.

When you get to the Preview screen you will be able to see the cover, dedication page, and interior pages of your book.  You will also see the page count so you can see if you are under the 800-page max.


If there are more messages that you want to add, click “Save” and go to the Edit Messages tab and continue adding messages (in batches) to your folder.  After each batch, come back to the My Projects tab to the Preview the book and see the updated page count.


If you are near the 800-page max and ready to order, you can use the “Edit” button to go back and finalize the design of the book, if necessary.  Or, if everything looks print-ready, simply click “Order” and start the checkout process.

For more detailed information about making books, check out "How to Make Keepster Books".



What if my conversation is more than 800 pages?

Some conversations have so many messages that they can’t fit into the 800-page max limit.  
If this is the case for your conversation(s), you will need to create separate folders for each “volume” of the conversation.  For example:

  • Volume 1:  The Early Years
  • Volume 2:  Newly Weds
  • Volume 3:  Along Came the Kids

You’ll figure out the right dates for each volume according to your needs.   Typically, we see customers creating volumes that correspond to 1-2 years of messages.  But, it’s up to you to decide what makes the most sense.



Wrap Up

Hopefully, this helps explain how to make Keepster folders and books filled with thousands and thousands of your favorite messages. We think you’ll love your 800-page book when it arrives.  Get started making yours today!


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