How to save texts, Whatsapp and SMS messages from your iPhone to your computer, and place them in Keepster folders.

Select and organize your meaningful messages into Keepster folders [video]

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Congrats Keepster user! You’re doing great!


For this blog post we will assume:

  1. You have all your messages safely and securely backed up.  
  2. You know how easy it is to view your messages and navigate around the app.  

Now you’re ready to make Keepster folders to organize your meaningful messages.


Keepster Folders

Keepster folders are for your curated messages and are a feature that makes us unique.  They are our solution to extracting what is meaningful to you, in this era of digital overload.  You can make as many folders as you want to save your meaningful messages.  


How to save your texts & SMS into Keepster Folders

Please watch this video to see how Keepster folders enable you to always find important messages.

This video below will show how to:

  • Select messages to place in a folder
  • Name folders
  • Find the folders that you’ve created



As you proceed with creating folders you will begin to build your own personal digital journal. 



Why make Keepster Folders?

  1.  Keepster folders save you time and the bother of endless scrolling as they help you instantly access what matters to you.
  2. Once messages are saved in a Keepster, even if they subsequently happen to be deleted them from your iphone, these messages will remain in the folder, saved on your computer, for as long as you choose. Only if you choose to delete the Keepster folder will those messages be erased. 
  3. You can organize your folders by subject, theme or person, or however, it makes sense to you. Keepster folders are perfect for meaningful relationships, special occasions, funny, quirky conversations, everyday moments that feel special, for real talk and for practical reasons too. They are perfect for conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. For ‘expressive communicators’, for people who are emotionally engaged and connected, and for power users and professionals who maintain their relationships digitally.
  4. There’s no limit to the number of Keepster folders you can make and no limit to the ways in which they might be useful.


How to make Keepster Folders (step-by-step)?

Below please find the step by step instructions: 

  1. Open the app and begin by selecting your device, the relevant backup and the messaging platform where the specific messages are located.
  2. Find the contact name or chat group by simply scrolling through all your chats or you can search by name.
  3. Select specific messages (and photos) by scrolling through the chat thread to select the specific ones you wish to save. The keyword and date search features are there to help narrow your search. 
  4. Select the button to create a Keepster folder so that all of the checked messages will be put into a folder. 
  5. Choose a name for the folder and if you wish you can edit the names of the person or people in the chat. Or you can merge names if needed. You also have the option to write a more detailed description in the space provided. Click to Save your folder so it will automatically be saved to your list of Keepsters on the home screen.


  {-----------  HELPFUL TIPS  -----------}  

  • Keepster folders can contain as few or as many messages as you would like. However, you may only add up to 3,000 messages at one time. If you wish to save more than 3,000 messages to a folder, please repeat the process of selecting messages in batches of up to 3,000 until you have all the messages you want to be saved.  For more details, see our related post: How to Save Thousands of Texts.
  • Using the date feature is helpful for filtering messages for a specific time period. 
  • When saving hundreds or thousands of messages please be patient. Saving messages with lots of photos can take longer.  The amount of time it takes to save messages will depend on how good your internet connection is.
  • Saving messages with lots of photos can take longer.  The amount of time it takes to save messages will depend on how good your internet connection is.
  • Keepster folders are dynamic: you can add and remove messages whenever you wish as explained in the "How to Edit Your Keepster Folder" post.



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Anytime you have further questions please contact us at, ping us on CHAT in the app, or visit the FAQ's on the website.

We believe that when you see how easy and intuitive it is to create folders, you will be inspired to start making Keepster folders right away!

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