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Add or remove messages and change the title or description [video]

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What makes us happy is when our users ‘get’ how making Keepster folders is a game-changer.  What makes us even happier is when your important messages are just a click away and organized in Keepster folders. 

But what about the newer messages that are being sent and received all the time?

This post addresses how to incorporate newer messages, remove ones that are no longer relevant and edit other details. 


The video below will show how to:

  • Edit the name, description, and details used to identify a folder 
  • Add newer messages 
  • Remove messages
  • Add messages from more than one messaging platform to the same folder
  • Add messages from additional contacts to the same Keepster folder (another Keepster feature that is unique and makes us incredibly proud)


Please watch this video to see how easy it is to update the contents of your Keepster folders 

Now you are ready to continue editing your Keepster folders.


In a nutshell, Keepster folders are dynamic, and can easily be edited as needed. Moreover, they can be edited to include messages from other senders or platforms, pulled together in the same folder, which is a feature we are extremely proud of and makes us totally unique!


One last thought ….We like to think that as you update and edit your Keepster folders, not only are you updating your personal ‘digital journal’, but you are in fact spending a moment or two to recognize what is meaningful to you. And, as you reflect on your communications, the bonus is that in all likelihood, you will stand to  become a better communicator too!

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Anytime you have further questions please contact us at, ping us on CHAT in the app, or visit the FAQ's on the website.

We believe that when you see how easy and intuitive it is to create folders, you will be inspired to start making Keepster folders right away!

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