How to edit Keepster folders

Add or remove messages, photos and chats save from your iPhone in the Keepster app. Plus, how to change the title or description of folders. [video]

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Intro to Editing Keepster Folders

What makes us happy is when our users ‘get’ how making Keepster folders is a totally unique feature of the app (and one that makes us incredibly proud).

What makes us even happier is when your important messages are just a click away and organized in Keepster folders. But what about the newer messages that are being sent and received all the time?

We believe that when you see how easy and intuitive it is to create these dynamic folders, you’ll be inspired to make Keepster folders your favorite tool to manage your digital communications.


Modifying Keepster Folders

In a nutshell, Keepster folders are dynamic, and can easily be edited as needed. Moreover, folders can include messages from multiple senders or platforms, pulled together in the same folder. 

This article assumes you will have already created at least one Keepster folder and will show you how to incorporate newer messages, remove ones that are no longer relevant and edit other details. 

In summary, the video below will show how to:

  • Edit the name, description, and details used to identify a folder 
  • Add newer messages 
  • Remove messages
  • Add messages from more than one messaging platform to the same folder
  • Add messages from additional contacts to the same Keepster folder (another Keepster feature that is unique and makes us incredibly proud)


Please watch this video to see how easy it is to update the contents of your Keepster folders 

While the Keepster app shown in the video may look different than the version you have installed due to upgrades since the video was made, the process is still accurate.


Now you are ready to continue editing your Keepster folders.


Why Make Keepster Folders

  • Keeps you organized and saves time when it comes to finding the messages that matter to you.
  • You can include messages from several different messaging platforms all in a single folder. You can also include messages from as many people as you like.
  • Easy to update to add new messages!
  • Your Keepster folders will remain safe and secure in the Keepster app, even if u delete those messages on your phone.
  • In just a few clicks you can turn a Keepster folder into a printed book as one-of-a-kind gift or keepsake. 



Play-by-Play on how to edit Keepster folders

Your Keepster folders are found on the Home screen under the Keepsters tab.  The easiest way to get to the Keepsters tab is by pressing the Home button in the upper left corner of the top nav.  


Then, click the Keepster folder you wish to edit.  This will open the folder and you'll see all the messages you've already saved.

There are 4 tabs at the top of the screen when viewing a Keepster folder:

  1. View Keepster
  2. Edit Keepster
  3. Edit Messages
  4. My Projects


The View Messages tab is where you'll see all the messages that you have saved to the folder.  There is also helpful information about the folder and features to make it help make it easier to navigate your saved messages.  

At the top, you will see the name of your folder, the date it was last saved, the date range and the count of messages in the folder.  

You will also see links to quickly jump to the Oldest or Newest messages.  Just like on your iPhone, the oldest messages are at the top of the screen.  To see newer messages in your folder, scroll down or click the "Newest" link to jump to the most recent message in your folder.




The Edit Keepster tab is where you can edit the name of the folder, the name(s) of your contacts whose messages are in the folder, add a description to remind you what's in the folder, and adjust the date associated with the folder. 

If you want to change, merge or remove any names of your contacts, click the "pencil" icon next to the names.  This is a useful feature if your contacts have different names across your messaging platforms. 

For example, you might have someone's full name in your Contacts for iMessage, but a nickname on WhatsApp.  

The first time you click the edit button, you will see helpful tips to remind you what the merge or remove features do.

Click the "OK, got it" button to move onto the Edit Names screen.  From there, you can adjust the names as you see fit.





The Edit Message tab is where you are able to add or remove messages saved to your folder.  

Adding Messages

There are lots of reasons why you might want to add more messages to your Keepster folder.  For example, you might want to add new messages you've received since last updating your folder.  Another reason might be that you want to add messages from other platforms or conversations.  

In all these cases, simply click on the Add Messages button.  Keepster will then guide you through selecting the device and backup you want to use to grab more messages to add to your folder.  For help browsing your messages, see our related post:  How to Browse and View Your Messages.

Important: When selecting messages to add to a folder, you may only add up to 3,000 messages at one time. If you’d like to add more than 3,000 messages, please repeat to add as many batches as needed.



Removing Messages

Removing messages is pretty straightforward.  The button is not active until you select 1 or more messages.  Once you select the messages you want to remove, click the Remove Message button.  

When you remove messages from your Keepster folder, it does not delete the message from your Backup or iPhone.  So, if you removed a message by accident, don't worry ... just add it back in.




The My Projects tab is where you will find all the Books that you've created based on that folder.  You can have multiple projects based on a single folder.  This is so you can personalize your Keepster Book cover, title, and dedication ... but, use the same saved messages as the content of your book.  For more on creating Keepster Books, see our related post: How to Make Keepster Books.



Helpful Hits for Keepster Folders

  • Group your messages by Topic, Person or however it makes sense to you.
  • Messages will remain in Keepster folders until you decide to delete the folder.  Even if you delete the messages off your iPhone.
  • Folders can contain thousands and thousands of messages.  However, Keepster Books have a limit of 800 pages.  If you've saved more than 800 pages worth of messages to your folder, you will need to remove some message before you are able to order a book.
    • Don't forget, you can only add 3,000 messages at a time into your folder.  (see highlighted note above)


Wrap-up to Editing Keepster Folders

One last thought … We like to think that as you update and edit your Keepster folders, not only are you updating your personal ‘digital journal’, but you are in fact spending a moment or two to recognize what is meaningful to you. And, as you reflect on your communications, the bonus is that in all likelihood, you will stand to become a better communicator too!

And don't forget, be sure to sign out of the Keepster app by going to the ‘hamburger’ menu.  This will ensure that your messages can be viewed by no one else but you. 


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