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Modern Tips for Romance Online

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Take your love chats to the next level this Valentine’s Day with these Generation Z inspired tips for your online romance. Learn some key strategies so you can secure the best gifts to convey the depths of your admiration. Tell the one you love just how much you truly care about them and the memories that you’ve shared together.

In order for you to understand the importance of these tips and what they mean you must first identify what a meaningful gift for your relationship looks like.


What is Meaningful in this Digital World?

  • Thoughtful - You Pay Attention to Them and things that matter to them.
  • Makes the Recipient Feel Loved - Honor them in a way that shows you care.
  • Customized and Unique
  • Surprising
  • Tangible - Giving and getting something that you can hold and cherish for years to come that also preserves digital memories makes it the perfect modern day keepsake

Although the digital world is not tangible it can be made tangible through printed chat books or text threads. A physical proof of your love is something that can’t be erased by an update or lost through a digital misconnection.


Tip #1: Don’t Just Make It “Facebook” Official

Have you already become a Facebook official couple? As we know, if it’s not online then it’s not real. Don’t hesitate to make your romance official with a custom Keepster book this Valentine’s Day. Share your stories and memories through the text threads that have helped shape your relationship. Make going steady, more personal.


Tip #2: Social Media Following Isn’t Important

Followers or friend count doesn’t matter when you are truly in love. Share pictures on your Instagram of the shared moments that mean most to you. Keepster can help you preserve all of your iPhone photos from the dates that had the biggest impact on building your relationship.


Tip #3: Share Your Dating App Story

Did you meet through Tinder or any other popular dating app service? Save the first text messages of contact that you had with your special person by keeping them stored, always easy to search and quick to access in a secure Keepster folder. Helpfully, when it’s time to celebrate your special moments together, it’s easy to turn your love chats into a Keepster custom book. Have fun creating a journey book of your dating app history that led you to that right someone.


Why People Are Turning Love Chats into Books

Read some real accounts of our past customers' love stories being transformed into custom, hardbound books that captured cherished moments of their relationships.

Tyler Nevin’s Keepster Proposal Book Experience:

“Tyler met his now wife Abby online through a dating app. It was a stroke of luck that they met during the COVID pandemic. They fell in love through the online chats that they would have each and every day while they were dating and before Tyler knew it he was ready to propose and make her his wife. He created a Keepster book that highlighted their best romantic memories and had it ready for this big proposal. It was a memorable proposal for both Tyler and Abby and they are grateful that Keepster was able to play a part in this big day.” What we can see from Tyler’s experience is that modern romance has evolved thanks to the Keepster app. We promise that our app can give you a similar love chat experience like Tyler.

Midori’s Story on Losing her Boyfriend but Remembering their Love:

Midoni was with her boyfriend for over a year and a half before his death. Once he passed Midoni was afraid of their memories fading away over time, she wanted to remember his legacy and their relationship. She turned to Keepster custom books to create her own book with their highlighted text messaging threads and chats. Midoni then printed out her Keepster book to tangibly have forever, she now shares the book with family and friends that reminisce often on the life that her boyfriend lived.

Midoni is grateful for Keepster’s service as it enables people to keep the messages from loved ones who have passed.


For More Information on How to Create a Keepster Book

Finding love is special and we at Keepster know that stories and memories over time tend to change. By saving your love chats and turning them into Keepster books you will be able to share your love story with your backed-up conversations and text messaging threads.

Keeping the messages that mean the most is often an overlooked opportunity that might seem like such a simple idea, but in fact it is a powerful memento that you will experience so differently from the purely digital delivery. While we generally live our lives online, Keepster’s printed books tie our digital lives and analog lives together in a unique, fun, and inspiring way.

Keepster books are very near and dear to our hearts, as they are the idea from which the Keepster app sprang to life. Take advantage of the opportunity to turn messages from your iPhone into professionally printed and bound books. Keepster Books are a wonderful way to re-live and revisit special messages that truly mean the most.

The great news about making a book is that all you need is to have created a Keepster folder. And from there, turning one into a book is a snap!

To quote one of our customers:
“Such an adorable and unique record of our family’s history at a great moment. It took me less than 5 minutes to make!!! So much more fun and EASIER than any other photo book!”



Keepster Books are based on the messages that you have backed up to your computer and then saved to Keepster folders. If you have not already made a Keepster Folder, check out our post on How to Make Keepster folders. If you wish to change, remove or add newer messages please refer to How to Edit Keepster Folders, How to Save Thousands of Texts, and to How to Update your Keepster backup.

Keepster offers a wide range of personalization options for your custom vision book. Find the theme, font, color, and more that works best for their visual goals for 2023. Give a gift that has so much more meaning than most things money can buy.

Learn how to make unforgettable, classic romantic gifts built for today’s digital world with the help of Keepster when you download the app today!

Learn more about how to make your Keepster book, step by step, in our guide to making text message books.


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