The Perfect Holiday Gift Isn't In Stores …

It's On Your Phone!

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Wishing you a Happy (& stress-free) holiday from all of us at Keepster!

It’s the most wonderful time of year...but with that comes the pressure to find the perfect holiday gift. The clock is ticking… But don’t panic! You’re already halfway there … The gift that is sure to spread holiday cheer is right here, on your phone. Simply turn your favorite messages and photos into a one-of-a-kind chatbook!

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The Perfect Holiday Gift Isn't In Stores ... 

December 2019

It's On Your Phone! 


The good news is you don’t have to go to the mall. You don't even have to get off your couch! All you need is your phone, your computer, the Keepster app, and a few minutes! Our books are super easy to make, customizable, affordable (starting at $9.99) and best of all, they’re meaningful. 


Fill your Keepster book pages with the texts, chats, photos, and emojis you’ve shared. This is one gift that your whole list will love!


To inspire you here’s our 


we’ll be making for our nearest & dearest

1.  Falling in Love 
What’s your love story? Maybe you swiped right and stumbled across someone truly special, or your roommate set you up and it was a total slam dunk...No matter how it started, you’re smitten, you’re smiling, and you find yourself scrolling through your text thread over and over again. This holiday season, turn those texts into a book!

2.  I Love You + I Really Like You!
For lifetime lovers, wild-ride partners, the only person you could ever imagine annoying for the rest of your days. From significant to silly: you’re sharing it, and texting it. There’s no better story than the story of you two: tell it with a Keepster book.

3.  Mom & Dad: You Were Right All Along
Nothing compares to the texts from Mom and Dad. They’ve guided you through adulting with their texts of advice, and made your day with messages that remind you just how loved you are! Fill your Keepster book with all that seriously sweet, hilarious, and poignant SMS gold.

4.  You’re Stuck With Me, We’re Family!
At the end of the day, you couldn’t imagine life without your band of crazies. If you have to share DNA with anybody, you’re pretty glad it’s them. Your conversations are so ridiculous they deserve their own TV show, but now you can print your group text in a Keepster book- we say that’s close enough! 

5.  Friends Forever... Cause You Know Way Too Much!
Your bond is tight, your secret handshake is tighter, and chances are, you text them the most. Often they know you better than you know yourself, and no one makes you laugh quite as hard. Your texts probably won’t make sense to anyone else and you could convey entire thoughts in memes alone. All that and more most makes for essential Keepster book material! 

6.  So Many Years & Memories - Can’t believe we go back that far!
They’re your college friends, your high school teammates or band of misfits. All these years later you’re still friends, still rooting for the same teams, still swapping (and reliving) stories. Your bond has stretched across counties or even countries. Even if months pass between messages, you pick up right where you left off. Thx modern tech! Still, there’s too much good stuff to just stay on your phones. 

7.  Crazy $&*@! , Vol 1.
You guys swear The Hangover was pretty much based on your group’s gallivants. Even a casual Tuesday together can turn into “one for the books”. The good times keep rolling even when you’re apart, thanks to the (inappropriate) jokes, hilarious memes and old pictures you keep sharing. You’ve got stories to end all stories - and they’re on your phone!

8.  Take a Bow: Couldn’t Have Done it Without You
Together, you created a work of art! Together you dreamed it. Amongst the 3 a.m. texts, with flashes of angst or inspiration, are all the important details. Buried in those threads are the seeds of your collaboration: a prized document of your creative journey.

9.  Surviving 2019
They’re your co-working counterpart, your caffeinated co-pilot, your eyeball rolling companion. From huge pitches to screeching deadlines, you count your lucky stars that in and out of your work life, they’re solid as a rock. When your texts read like an episode of The Office, a Keepster book is a must! 

10.  From around the World, Part Uno 
You saw the world - or at least, parts of it, and had extraordinary adventures. Thank goodness your phone captured all the postcard-worthy moments, together with the messages that you sent. Create a Keepster book as a gift for your travel companion, or as a personal journal to revisit again and again. 


Sure, the typical gadgets and goodies, or sweaters and scarves are sweet, but now’s the time for something completely different. 

This year, give the gift of Keepster!  Get started now!


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