Celebrate This Pride Month with a Smile … and a Gift Book for Your Favorite LGBTQIA Person

When you can’t meet in person to celebrate, texted conversations, smile emojis, and photos can provide big benefits.

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Ah, the Joys of Seeing Smiles in Person!

One thing that Covid certainly taught us, is that keeping in touch with loved ones by texting conversations has proven to be an invaluable lifeline. Fortunately, as more and more people are becoming vaccinated, we can start seeing those texted smiles in person.

What better timing than June to finally begin to emerge from our homes and go outside to join in on the celebrations, picnics, and parades! June is the time for graduations, weddings, Father’s Day, and one of our favorites, PRIDE! 


Celebrating Inclusivity and Diversity in June

LGBTQIA Pride Month was originally just one day, but really, we think it should be all year. This is the month that we support and celebrate inclusivity and diversity, and share how much our LGBTQIA friends and family really mean to us. 

Are you, a best friend, loved one, parent, or child who is celebrating Pride Month this year? If you’re not yet able to celebrate together in person this year, be sure to mark the occasion by sending that heartfelt iMessage, text, or WhatsApp chat to mark the occasion. Texting might seem like a small gesture, but it means more than you think. It shows you’re thinking of another person, that you care about their opinion, and you’re acknowledging what’s important to them right now. Some people may still be feeling nervous about being social in person, so reaching out by text is one way to show solidarity or support.  

Think about all the texted conversations you’ve had this year … and in years past: quick hellos, long, late-night conversations, debates that can go days, hilarious photos you wouldn’t show anyone else, that sweet message that helped you get through it all, or the one that you'd look at every day.

Are these texted messages easy to find and share? If not, we may be able to help.


Gift Book Ideas for Pride Month

Saving those iPhone texted messages, photos, and emojis that mean so much to you, curating your favorites, and creating a one-of-a-kind book can not only provide a book of memories to give as a gift, but it may also give you some relief that they will never be lost!

Here are a few book title ideas:

  • We’re So Proud of Us!
  • You’re a Shining Star
  • This Year Was Brighter With You
  • You’re My Pride and Joy
  • My Favorite Person Says the Best Things
  • Simply Beaming with Pride
  • Yes! That’s What They Said!

Not finding enough of the right conversations on your iPhone for your gift book of texts? Keepster can help you filter through thousands of messages to find what you’re looking for faster than searching on the phone. If you still don’t see anything worthy of a whole book, here’s an idea that we got from a friendly Keepster user: create a group chat.


Start the Conversation that Will Totally Make the Book

Consider starting a group text chat with friends and family to talk about how much your gift recipient means to you all. 

Ask about funny “remember whens,” that time they saved you, the things that made quarantine bearable, their best traits and biggest accomplishments that you’re most proud of, and anything else memorable that comes up. Use this conversation as a basis for your book of texts.

Remember, the purpose of Pride Month is to recognize the impact that LGBTQI individuals have had on their communities, and that starts with celebrating us, our closest friends, their achievements, accomplishments, and all-around-greatness.

In fact, combine Pride Month with June 8, Best Friends Day, and we have a double gift book winner.  Celebrate Pride Month with your favorite people by creating your book of texts and having it printed right away! Keepster’s downloadable software makes it easy.


What will you create?

Saving those iPhone texted messages, photos, and emojis that mean so much, curating favorites, and creating a one-of-a-kind book can not only provide a book of memories or a gift book, but it may also give some relief that these messages will never be lost!



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