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There is nothing that we like better than when we get a chance to tell the world about Keepster! We never tire of sharing the story about the inspiration behind Keepster and why we believe so passionately in our mission. Also, as a relatively new product, we are always thrilled to share the special stories about how our books have meant so much to so many, and why.

Keepster books are showcased in an interview with WJTV about Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

Our founder, Jennifer Simchowitz explains why if you’re looking for “The Greatest Gift Ever” Keepster Message Books should be at the top of the list.
A Valentine’s Day gift for most people is synonymous with a bunch of red roses, or a box of chocolates. Though those gifts may be very sweet, there’s more than a hint of them being somewhat ho-hum. That is why there is the constant search for a new idea, for something unique and utterly romantic. Our Founder and CEO of Keepster, Jennifer Simc...
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We made it onto ABC4 to share our story and the glories of Keepster message books!

Especially, why a book of text messages makes such a great gift to celebrate special occasions and loved ones.
`As the Founder and CEO of Keepster, Jennifer Simchowitz is living the typical 24/7 startup life, constantly working and thinking about little else other than Keepster. So whenever she has an opportunity to talk about what’s on her mind, or tell the story about how she came up with the idea for Keepster, or why she believes Keepster is such an i...
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