For the messages that matter … to you
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Keepster Manifesto

In the era of hearts and likes, it’s no secret that communication can feel a little overwhelming.

Though we want to stay in touch with the people we love, the overflow of pings, chats and notifications can start to strip the meaning from communication.

But our messages are special.
They’re the weird and quirky interactions that color our days. They’re a space for small windows of everyday intimacy. They’re a reminder that your friends are degenerates. And that you wouldn’t replace them.

That’s why Keepster isn’t another communication channel — it’s a digital journal to recognize how meaningful our communications can be.

The stupidest thing your best friend has ever said.
The small moments where someone reminds you that they love you.
The ridiculous messages that make no sense to anyone but your friends.

We believe that when you save, tag and reflect on the messages that matter to you, you invite meaning into more moments — day in and day out.

Keepster: For messages that matter... to you.

Cultivate & celebrate your messaging. Message like it matters!