Best friends are Irreplaceable ...
So are their Texts!
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So are their Texts!

Printed books of your friends’ messages & photos make the coolest (& funniest) gifts!

If You’ve Ever Thought to Save a Friend’s Text Message with a screenshot, You’ve Got to Meet Keepster!

Your friendships are irreplaceable and so are your shared messages! From WhatsApp to iMessage, from one-on-one’s to group chats, that’s where so much of your friendship history is. Hard to always know at the time what’s important, till one day when you wish you’d saved all those messages. Keepster’s technology easily helps you do just that, and if you choose, print those messages and photos into one-of-a-kind books!

Your friends get you and you get them. You say things in your texts you’d probably not want to share with the world. But that’s why you love them. Their kind of crazy, or funny, or weird is what makes everything okay. We understand how your texts can be the unintended journal of your shared journeys, your obsessions, your challenges, the things that made you happy... 

Keepster lets you safekeep and relive the texts you’d never want to forget: the greatest hits, the funniest moments, the most brilliant advice and all the reasons why “THIS is why we’ll be friends forever”... All safely and privately synced to your Keepster desktop app.

If you wish, you can easily search for specific conversations, or keep them all, organized in folders, Relive the moments and messages with Keepster books: custom professionally printed books filled with your shared messages, chats, photos, and emojis. 

The perfect birthday, holiday or going away gift  or even ‘just because’

Easily Backup &
Organize your
Create folders for your most
important messages by theme,
person or any topic that you choose.

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Keepster backs-up messages from all of these platforms onto your computer
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Sync & Safekeep with Keepster backups. Curate, Create and Celebrate with Keepster books!

It’s easy, quick, and fully secure.

Your partners in crime, your crazy crew, your band of buds, your BFF, your teammate, your soulmate...whatever you call your friends, we call your texts Keepsters! With our technology, not only do you safekeep those texts but you can create customized, professionally printed Keepster books.

Once you’ve synced your phone with the  Keepster desktop app, you can rest assured that regardless of what happens to your phone, all of your device’s messages are secure and completely private - accessible only to you. Search by keyword or date, organize into Keepster folders, and when you’re ready, create your very own Keepster book. 

Keepster books can be as short or as long as you like, from 4 up to 800 pages! With customizable options from the cover photo, color, title, and more, you can create the most special, thoughtful and meaningful keepsake. 

your Keepster Books!
Texting books are perfect for gifts,
memorials or any special occasion.
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Personalize your printed or digital book cover with your own photo, title and description. Archives of the past, for always!


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