Saved Family Texts Tell A Story
Keep Them Close, keep them forever.
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Keep Them Close, keep them forever.

Chat books of favorite messages make a great gift and modern day family heirloom.

Keepster Makes it Easy to Do More with Your Messages that Matter!

Modern family moments - and messages - commemorated with Keepster.

Nothing compares to family ... except maybe, the texts they send! In today’s busy digital age, texting is often the preferred method of communication: the way we check in, check up, update, commiserate, celebrate and connect! 

We text our stories, our sagas, our simple “I love you’s”, our jokes, our “Just in case I haven’t told you lately’s…” and so much more. Why not cherish those?

With 23 billion texts sent daily worldwide, let’s face it: so much happens right there, in our texts. A quick scroll through your messages can reveal dozens and dozens of chats you’d never want to lose: from silly, sweet, hilarious, monumental and mundane. Celebrate some of the most important relationships in your life, by commemorating those conversations with Keepster technology and chat books.

With Keepster, your family chats can be synched, securely stored on your desktop.  It’s super easy to use! You can rest assured your backups are secure - accessible only to you. You can do quick searches by keyword or date (as you search for Mom’s famous meatloaf, or that text that proves you called the SuperBowl winner before your brother). And you can even create folders for special messages, which at any point you can turn into professionally printed chat books! (Think cross-continental family bake-off book?)

To quote our customers:  “I am so comforted to know that I can stroll through my memories any time I want without fear of losing them. What a great way to remember conversations forever.” “Such an awesome gift!” 

Easily Backup &
Organize your
Create folders for your most
important messages by theme,
person or any topic that you choose.

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You’ve Got the Best Family and the Texts to Prove It!

Save treasured family texts and messages. Never worry about deleted conversations again ... thanks to Keepster!

Your messaging apps hold so much precious communication. From the messages that made you literally laugh out loud to the chats that kept you connected: texts from the kids, crazy sibling stories, classic Dad texts, Mom’s priceless messages, even good old Grandma’s...whatever you’ve texted, you can Keepster.

Keepster offers a number of options to personalize and customize your books. Whether slender volumes or up to 800 pages long, you can fill them with cherry-picked favorites, or entire threads of texts, photos and emojis, just as they appear on your phone. Keepster books make the most personalized keepsakes, the most thoughtful one-stop-shopping gifts for your entire family, for the holidays, for reunions, or for milestone celebrations. 

Relive the moments and messages you’d never want to forget. However you Keepster, it’s up to you! 

your Keepster Books!
Texting books are perfect for gifts,
memorials or any special occasion.
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Personalize your printed or digital book cover with your own photo, title and description. Archives of the past, for always!


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