Keepster Respects Your Needs for Privacy & Security

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Mac windows download buttons get started 2021 white
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We take your privacy very seriously and
understand how important it is to you!

The Keepster app and backup of your messages are completely private and stored locally on YOUR computer. GoKeeps, Inc. does not have any form of access to your data, nor do we read or view your content in the Keepster App.

Furthermore, Keepster has features and functionality to protect your personal information, prevent loss, misuse and unauthorized access to your backups and messages. Starting with requiring your username and password to access the Keepster app. We recommend signing out after using Keepster to keep your local computer backup data private.

Our unique technology allows you to select important messages and photos from your backed up data and add them to Keepster folders. Your Keepster folder settings and content are stored on our private servers and password protected by the Keepster app.

The only data we collect is your account registration information, device details, Keepster app analytics (such as frequency of use), and support requests submitted. This information is needed to process financial transactions, improve the functioning of the app, and maintain your security.

Only when you order a printed book from our printing service is any data shared or transferred. Otherwise, we will not disclose or share your information with third parties, except as noted in our Privacy Policy.

If you ever choose to deactivate your account we will dispose of all your data within ten days or less of receiving your notice.

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Password protected access to your
Keepster Backups and Books
Keepster data privacy
Accessible only on your personal
computer hardrive
Feel confident Keepster keeps your messages private & secure.