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At Keepster, we know that so much of life happens right there, on our mobile devices. With the amount of time we spend on our phones, it’s certainly surprising that we often forget about one thing: the life found in those messages. While we’re busier than ever, using our phones for so many things, we’re capturing moments, milestones, memories and our texts are telling those stories. Read how using Keepster has impacted the way users view their messages!

I Still Text my Godmother. She passed away 8 Months Ago.

I have a secret. I guess it’s not really a secret if I’m writing a blog about it and putting it out there on the internet, but, nonetheless, it’s nothing something I’m shouting from the rooftops.
I text a dead person. 

Wow. That’s a sentence, huh? 

Trust me, it was as painfu...

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How Downloading Keepster Changed the Way I Text

Texting & I have a serious love affair

As a writer and big-time talker, I’m one of those that lived for a good note passed during class, a particularly exciting AIM conversation, a text from some boy or friend that made me flutter.

Not shocking to report that I text full paragraphs.  My friends joke that I...

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A Generation Without Love Letters

I’m twenty-five and I’ve only received one love letter...

Pathetic, I know, but it was a good one. In it, I was compared to light, and to ‘the concept of music’ and time. I’m not sure what the guy meant, but I’ve never forgotten the line, so I guess it served its purpose. There’s even an a...

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My Mom's Messages Matter Most

My Mom is my best friend. 

I know, that sounds like a cliche just in time for Mother’s Day but really, ask me any other day of the year, and I’ll tell you the same thing. She jokingly has always said “I can’t be your best friend, I gotta be your Mom!” but in all reality, she’s perfected bot...

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Q + A with Keepster Recipient

Hi, it’s me again, Olivia. This time I’m back and no, it’s not with a gift guide for your husband who has everything. It’s a quick Q + A with my best friend Jenny - the very first person I gave a Keepster book to! She doesn’t exactly share my ‘sentimental millennial’ title so I wasn’t sure just ...

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