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Words from our fabulous founder, Jennifer, as she shares her own Keepster moments. The good, the bad, the funny, the ridiculous...she knows why we keep the messages we do, because she does it, too! Hear from her as she shares the moments and messages that make Keepster worth keeping around.

The 'badass women" in Congress: a Sisterhood of Texters

Legislation by Text?

This New York Times headline got me Veterans Turned Lawmakers Form a Political Band of Like Minds, April 7, 2019. Why?

The article points out that of the 67 new Democrats in Congress, 10 came...

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If anyone out there knows Amy Schumer….

As CEO & Founder, I spend all day, every day, thinking about Keepster. And though you’d never guess it, I also think of myself as a fisherman*! 

I wake up early.  Cast my net wide, sift through the papers, newsletters, you name it, and start trawling for prized bits of meaningful communication. I understand that ...

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The post that’s been so hard to write

This is the post that I’ve been avoiding. This is the one that’s been staring me down, the elephant in the room. This is the blog about loss. It’s about the loss of loved ones, the words that they leave behind and our enduring need to keep those words and memories close. 

Last week I attended a memorial servic...

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Testimonies of faith, hope, and courage at Homeboy Industries 2019 Lo Máximo Awards Dinner

I’ve written a great deal about my personal story and relationships, and how they inspired me to create Keepster. But the more I keep my eyes and ears open to the world, the stronger my conviction about the need to preserve texting conversations grows. 


Last night I attended an event for Homeboy Industrie...

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