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Turn Favorite Whatsapp Messages Into A Book
Why a Keepster book filled with WhatsApp chats is a great gift idea.
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Among friends and loved ones, we tend to give and share souvenirs as a way of expressing affection for shared memories or relationships. Put your first movie stub in a picture frame, or turn Whatsapp messages into a book, and you've created something very meaningful.

The question is how do we move those memories from our phones and into something tangible? How exactly can we take something from the digital databanks of our WhatsApp messages and put it into an affecting, meaningful form to share with loved ones? With more and more of our interactions happening online than in person, messaging clearly has a lot of value. One great outcome of this is that our WhatsApp histories are perfect to use, and now with Keepster there now is a seamless way to turn them into WhatsApp message book.

So, join us as we show you how Keepster’s easy to use book-printing service helps you go through your Whatsapp conversation histories, select the best of them, and use them to create something new, unique and meaningful, a Keepster book. Simply spend a little time going through the moments that matter to you, add them to an easily-editable book template, and place your order. You'll be able to do everything, from beginning to end, in just a few clicks.

Why Keepster WhatsApp books?

Living in an increasingly digital world, technology makes finding information effortless. Similarly, going through old WhatsApp conversations allows us to access moments or things we said or shared years ago.

The thing is however when it comes to special relationships or celebrations such as holidays, anniversaries, or matters of the heart, we tend to want something more. Frequently we’d much rather have something physical which we can hold in our hands, show our children or loved ones one day, without having to switch on a computer or login to WhatsApp.

Chances are, we’d rather have written words in some tangible form, which we can flip through and look at and touch. We write in guestbooks at weddings. We sign cards on birthdays. And for many, scrapbooking has provided yet another way to preserve our personal histories. Turning your WhatsApp messages into a book is a natural extension of this basic human impulse.

Think back to the beginning of your most important relationships and all the incredibly special moments, with new feelings and thoughts being explored, memories being created, and so much more! With so much of our ongoing relationships taking place online these days, our chat histories have become veritable goldmines of such romantic memories.

Aside from imagining you've been having the world's most romantic conversation with your spouse or partner for the last three years, maybe you and your friends from college have been having this hilarious ongoing Whatsapp group chat for years, regardless of the fact that you’re now scattered all over the world. Or maybe you want to show your mom how much her words mean to you? Or for father’s day you know your dad would love nothing more than a book of all your family jokes and jibes. Or sadly, if a loved one passes there may well be the need to preserve all your shared messages and photos, as an in Memoriam memento, to keep precious memories close. Now at last you can easily save all those conversations, and turn them into something lasting to share.

Keepster makes this all possible, and it couldn’t be more straightforward and easy to do!

How To Get Started with Keepster

After you download the Keepster app, you'll backup all the messages from your iPhone to your computer. The app will walk you through the steps to create your backup - but if at any point you need more detailed instructions, we have detailed explanations and instructional videos in our “How to get started” post.

Once your backup is done, you’ll be able to see all your WhatsApp conversations right there on your computer, in exactly the same order as they appear on your iPhone! Again, it couldn’t be easier to view and browse all your messages, and if you wish, Keepster also gives you the option to search for specific messages.

Once you've picked out the messages that are meaningful to you, you simply save them into an easy-to-find folder. You can choose to let those messages remain in that folder as long as you like, adding to them over time, knowing all the while that your backed up messages are completely safe. So, regardless of what might happen to a phone, whether it may become outdated or obsolete, Keepster helps you never worry about not being able to access those messages!

Also, though Keepster’s design makes everything pretty close to effortless you can always check out the videos in the How-To section on the website. So don’t hesitate for a moment longer, download Keepster today, and get to backing up those memories!

How to Turn Whatsapp Messages Into A Beautiful Chat Book Gift

Turning your messages into a book is a piece of cake once you’ve picked out the messages and photos and placed them in a Keepster folder. From there, when you’re in the app, literally all it takes is clicking on the My Projects tab, and you’re on your way to making a beautiful, professionally printed, personalized book. Your book can be from just 4 to 800 pages long. You can include messages from several different WhatsApp conversations, and from other messaging platforms if you wish. Keepster offers 3 different types of binding choices, plus there are several other ways to customize your book, as explained below.

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1. Personalize Your Cover

You know how they say never to judge a book by its cover? That's good advice when dealing with people, but with a Keepster book choosing the cover is the first order of business and where you start to make your book unique.

A wide variety of cover options are available. White makes for an elegant, classic finish that always looks gorgeous with a black-and-white photo. Red looks’ hotter’ and may seem better suited for romance, while a cover in black or blue with the title in white black is solidly great. There are plenty of fun colors to choose from too but the choice will most likely depend on what goes best with the cover photo, if you choose to include one.

If you do, try to pick a picture that is square so it fits in well. Pick something that is high-quality too. It may be your favorite picture of you and your loved one but, if it looks like an 8-bit video game, it's going to reduce the overall effect of your book. Aim for something simple, meaningful, and high-quality.

2. Write Your Title and the Dedication Page

A lot of people think the cover design choices are their big shot at making a splash with their books. However when it comes to the title and the optional dedication page that follows, that is also where you can make a big statement.

The title of the book is capped at 55 characters in length - there is a small counter put in place to indicate how many characters are left to work with. The title is formatted in all uppercase letters - punctuation marks and emojis can be included as well.

If you want our advice: simpler is better. Some of the best creatives in the world know this, so don't stress out about creating "the perfect title". You don't owe anybody the world's wittiest, smartest, most insightful title. What you are creating with your book is a collection of memories, and that's special enough. All your title is doing is giving this wonderful thing a name, so if you simply call it "The Story of Us" or "This Is Us" that’s more than enough to let the memories speak for themselves.

The title that appears on the cover of the book will re-appear again at the top of the dedication page, which is the page that you’d see when you first open the book. You get to decide if you’d like to include a dedication page, but for those who do, here’s where you’d have the opportunity to write a special message, up to 750 characters long. So you can really go to town!

Also, this is the page where you get to choose how the names of the people who are the participants in the book will appear. So this is where you would for example edit names to show up as nicknames, or whatever meets your needs.

Remember that even if you think you’re all done with the title and dedication page, you can always return to edit it again later. Great! Let's move on to the next step.

About Timestamping Messages

The whole point of turning your WhatsApp messages is to create a chronicle of the special moments in your relationships. Particularly when this is a sentimental gift, people love the juicy little details to be spot on. So for many it might be important that the messages in your book be accurately marked with the exact time that they were sent, or received, for example the exact time when a baby was born. If you and your loved ones happen to live in different time zones, Keepster allows you to select your preferred time zone to time stamp the messages accordingly.

3. Preview Your Book

When it comes to making a book out of your memories, Keepster is a reliable, streamlined app with a lot to offer. That said, it's essential to take a moment or two to look through the Preview, page by page. This is how you get to make sure that the final product is exactly what you wanted.

When you’re in Preview, comb carefully through your selected cover and title, the spelling of words and names, and check the messages you’ve included. For the cover, title, and dedication page anything that needs adjustment can be done by simply clicking the edit button. If you feel you’d like to add or remove messages, simply go back to the Keepster folder from which the book project originated, make the edits, and then generate a new project from there.

To reiterate, it's important to review your book before placing an order. Once placed it can not be changed or canceled. Keepster will gladly work with you on any follow-up requests, but cannot take responsibility for user errors.

4. The Final Step - Order!

Now you're ready to go! If you're ready to order your book, simply click through to your shopping cart and place the order.

But what if you like the way things look, but you're not ready to place the order just yet? Not a problem! Simply click the Save button to close the project until you're ready to come back to it. You'll be able to return to the project at any time by opening up the app and clicking "My Projects" in the hamburger menu.

To reiterate, it's important to review your book before placing an order. Once placed it can not be changed or canceled. Keepster will gladly work with you on any follow-up requests, but cannot take responsibility for user errors.

Ready to turn your Whatsapp messages into a book you can enjoy for years to come? Download today, to find out more and get started right away!

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