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How to turn Texts, SMS messages and photos Into Keepster Books
Books of iMessage and photos are gifts that keep on giving.
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Let's face it: books got it right. Technology changes, and our methods of communication advance - but it's hard to beat the level of intimacy, durability, and shareability of a book. Clay tablets were much too cumbersome and a smartphone lacks the durability and size to enjoy with others.

Smartphones, tablets, and screens of all shapes and sizes do a great job of letting us communicate faster and with more people. We've never been so connected. Yet books seem to be where the most unreserved human outpourings prevail. In much the same vein, creating a book of iMessages lets you convert your most endearing moments into the most enduring moments.

Transforming your texts, emails, and pictures into a book also protects them for the future. Memory fades and devices become obsolete but saving your texting conversations in a book makes it much more likely that they will endure.

Read on to get started with constructing a Keepster book of your very own iMessages.

Why create a book of iMessages? How to write text messages in a book?

Creating a book sounds like a big job. After all, you've probably heard stories about people spending their whole lives churning out pages to create a single book. The quest to write The Great Novel consumes literary circles around the world.

The good news is that when you convert messages into a book, you've already written the copy! From there all it takes is a few editorial decisions and choosing the presentation. Whether you intend to mark an occasion, celebrate a friendship, or explore the path that brought you to this moment, a Keepster book delivers.

The Keepster app offers the perfect solution to making books filled with iMessages, texts, group chats, and photos, to provide a well-constructed record of interactions that otherwise would fade and shift over time.

Gathering Material

Frequently, one of the biggest surprises of learning how to turn messages into a book is realizing how much you've written over time.

On average, a person sends and receives text 33,800 a year. These constant interactions with people form connections that endure and grow.

The past few months have certainly shown the power of modern technology to keep people connected and involved in each other's lives remotely. But also, today most people don’t just show up at events or experience their day to day lives in a solitary way, they ‘catalog’, record and share them constantly, all on their devices. So instead of simply recalling what happened at a concert, party, or graduation, there usually also exists a written and pictorial record of the occasion, with some type of commentary about the powerful emotions attached.

Why make a Keepster book?

The reasons to make a book of texts and photos are endless. Texts are where we share our thoughts, emotions, plans, jokes, longings, joys, words of comfort, wisdom, you name it. Our texts are where our day to day lives happen, frequently nothing grandiose, but cumulatively that’s where our relationships and meaningful connections happen. They are both conversations and a kind of running log of moments, many of which are worth remembering.

The Step by Step of Making a Keepster Book

Gathering material is a step zero. You're already doing it! Getting started making a book means you’re already in ‘the intention phase’. You will then simply need to follow a few steps, requiring a series of decisions about how you wish your book to turn out. Check out more detailed step-by-step instructions here.

Keepster makes this easy by giving you a system to compile, edit, and complete projects. You don't have to put in all the work at once and you also always have the choice to slowly compile your books slowly over time.

Note: All the way through the app makes everything very clear how to proceed but you can also refer to the more detailed explanations and instructional videos in the How To posts in the blog section on the Keepster website.

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1. Backup iMessages and browse your texts

Once you have downloaded the app from the website, you will create a backup of all the iMessages from your iPhone to your computer. Having done so, you will see all your backed up texts, chats, and photos, gathered together all in the app, right there on your computer screen, just as they appear on your phone! With all the time and effort you put into these communications, it feels good knowing that not only is your backup fully private, but also all your messages and moments have been securely and successfully saved!

With the backup process completed, you can start browsing through all of your texting histories.

Note: Since you will keep sending and receiving more messages over time, you can refresh your backup whenever you choose. Also, a unique feature of Keepster is that it allows you to keep up to 5 separate backups, so if you subsequently happen to delete some messages off your iPhone, they will still remain in the preceding backup.

2. Create folders

Using Keepster you can create folders for messages that are particularly important to you. Keepster folders are flexible and adaptable to your needs. Not only can you name them by person or topic,or however you’d like, but you get to choose exactly which messages will be placed in each folder. You may choose to select all the messages from a particular person or a group of people and place them in a folder. Or, you may prefer to select specific messages by scrolling through, or by using the date range or keyword search.

The Keepster folder system works extremely well. Once you’ve started to create folders, they are listed right there when you open the app, making them easy to find, You can keep adding messages to them over time, or remove some, knowing all the while that those messages in folders are completely safe, and will never disappear unless you choose to delete them.

Also, Keepster makes it possible to create as many different versions of folders as you want, gathering together texts from as many different people and/or from other messaging apps, should you have the need.

Lastly, creating a Keepster folder is the first step to creating a book. So once you’ve decided what will become the contents of your book, all you have to do is click on the My Projects tab to start choosing the design.

3. Customize the book design

Presentation matters a lot once you've decided on your project. We recommend you take great care with choosing the cover color and the image that will appear on the cover, should you choose to have one. Feel free to tinker around with the title to get it to read exactly as you want. On a separate page, following the title page, you can also choose to personalize your book further by writing a special note of dedication to the special one(s) you may be making the book for.

The character limit for the title is 55 and 750 for the dedication page so you should not feel restricted in making your dedication heartfelt or thoughtful.

Keepster also allows you to edit the names of the participants, say for example to change them to nicknames or remove last names, all in service of making the book feel more intimate and personal.

For the cover, pick a picture that can be edited to be in a square format to fit in the allocated space, and be sure to choose one that’s high quality so it will look good. Keepster books are professionally printed and bound on quality paper and can be from 4-800 pages long, so you are guaranteed to land up with a quality product. However, if you choose a cover image that’s not good quality you could possibly land up disappointed.

4. Preview your book of iMessages

It is always important to preview and look through each page of the book. This is when you might decide to improve upon the title, rewrite the dedication, correct a typo, or switch the cover color or image. Previewing each page, allows you to see where messages or pictures would need to be added or removed, for everything to fit well together. In that case, you would return to the Keepster folder from which this book originated, and make your changes there.

Though the process of making folders and books is extremely straightforward and can be quick, if at any point you wish, you can simply click on the Save button and resume your project another time.

Note: Be sure to make all changes before you place your order as Keepster does not take responsibility for user errors. In fact, once an order is placed it can not be changed or canceled. However, know that you can always reach out for help by emailing support@keepster.co or pinging CHAT on the website.

Reasons why your book of iMessages is worth it!

Based on customer feedback, creating a book is easy, but it can also stir up a lot of (hopefully) positive emotions too. Many shared moments and experiences can be all too easy to forget as we get caught up in our day to day lives. So the books do a wonderful job of reminding us how exciting, fun, silly, happy, or enriching those chapters of our lives were. Memory is fragile, and we've seen many studies that indicate how much our recollections of the past can shift or be rewritten.. In this regard, a book makes a fine and permanent record that you can hold in your hands and enjoy for years to come.

If you are ready to turn your iMessages, texts, and photos into a book to share with all the people you care about, don’t think twice! Download Keepster, and get started right away!

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