Valentine’s Day Gift Messaging Book for Your Romantic Partner

Tell the Story of Your Love this Valentine’s Day

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Do you have a unique love story to tell with your partner? You can now tell the story of your love this Valentine’s Day with the help of Keepster custom text messaging books. Let us help you paint the perfect storybook through messages and photos that have been a staple to your blossoming romance. 

Break free from the easy conventions of the stereotypical Valentine’s Day gift. No longer will red roses, chocolates, and wine be serviceable enough for your Valentine's celebration. Instead, choose a Keepster custom book to store and share your most precious memories to ring in the celebration of love.

One of our many happy customers has even been on record to say that Keepster is “the greatest gift ever”

Why Use Text Messages to Tell This Story?

We at Keepster use text messages because they tell the true history of a romantic story. Text message threads have the beginning parts of your relationship captured like a time capsule. Did this romance spark from a genuine friendship that blossomed into something more or was it an instant connection (love at first text)? 

We save these text messages into Keepster made custom folders to preserve the authenticity of your communicative texts. We live in a world today where receipts matter, with the help of Keepster we can hold on to those receipts to make sure the true love story stays intact. 

An added bonus is that by using your text messages it will make the editing of your romantic storybook quicker and easier to fulfill for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


What Should This Storybook Look Like?

Create a custom romantic storybook by creating a folder of your text messages in your Keepster app.  This way you can organize the major milestones of your relationship.  Once you’ve organized the text messages that you want to use in your storybook, you can start to craft your tale. 

Look at yourselves as the two romantic interests in a love story and then build in a little magic.  

Consider starting your Keepster book with a custom dedication that takes them back to set the stage of your fairytale love affair.  For example, you can start with the “Once upon a time…” dedication or an “It all started when…” lead-in.  These classic lines can help you start to frame your romantic history in the most romantic way possible.  

After the love story dedication, show the text messages from your initial stages of falling in love.  Illustrate the things that drew you together.  Those cute chats from Whatsapp are a great source of inspiration and of content that you can pull from to tell a story this Valentine’s Day. The messages that made you laugh, think deeply, and long to be by each other’s sides are the exact types of messages to include in a custom Valentine’s Day gift. 

Then, show the potential pitfalls or obstacles for your relationship.  You don’t need to relive painful moments, but adding a few texts that indicate a point-of-tension can add depth and drama to your storybook, and it’s super satisfying to see our “heroes” save the day.  That’s why it can be worthwhile to tell about the risks that loomed and threatened to tear your relationship apart.  Did you have a text message sharing that you weren’t sure you were ready to love again?  Did you have a chat where you shared your fears that the distance might be too far to overcome?  

After you illustrate the challenges in your relationship, show the text messages to match the moments where you moved forward together, with dedication and determination.  Gather up those romantic “I love you best in the world” texts and selfies that were sent to be cute and flirty.  Show off those nights out where everyone stopped and took note of this special spark between you two.  

At the end of your book (or anywhere you choose) you can insert more copy to  wrap it up with “and they lived happily ever after….” or “to be continued….” to show that you’re looking forward to all of the joys and wonder that the future might hold for you. 


Why Choose Keepster to Create this Storybook

Keepster is safe and easy, and if you’re creating your project on a laptop computer, rather than a desktop, it’s ‘mobile’! Whichever computer you choose to use,  you can pick up where you last left off with ease and continue creating your storybook for you and your partner whenever you choose. 

Keepster has several customization options that can be used to design every in and out facet of your custom book. Design the cover, choose the font, create a dedication page, choose a theme color, personalize the dates and timestamps, and many more customizable features. 

Choose Keepster when creating your personal text messaging Valentine’s book! We guarantee that you will have a memorable holiday celebrating your romance!

“Discover the Keepster Book as an unforgettable custom gift, nothing competes with a real personalized book for lasting value and sentimentality. Your generosity will never be forgotten in your partner’s eyes. All of those memories can now become a wonderful keepsake – and the perfect gift for your partner this Valentine’s day.”



Design your own custom book with Keepster today!


For more book gift ideas you can look at the resources at the bottom of this blog.

Plan for Valentine’s Day the right way by using the Keepster App.  Create your first text message book of love to celebrate your most cherished memories with your partner now!

Learn more about how to make your Keepster book, step by step, in our guide to making text message books


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