Graduation Gifts to Delight Students of Any Age

Celebrate your favorite student’s success with these unique & creative graduation gift ideas

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High school and college make up the defining years of our lives. 

In those halls, classrooms, and dorms, students go from who they were as teens to who they want to be. And when they graduate, a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to celebrate their hard work and pursuit of knowledge. 

But finding the right gift to honor them and express your pride in their achievement can be tough. Looking for something that’s both age-appropriate and heartfelt can often leave you feeling restricted to basic gifts.

If you’re brainstorming what to get your favorite student, the following list is a fountain of inspiration. Below, you’ll find all the fresh and creative graduation gift ideas you need to give them something they’ll treasure for years.


What’s a Unique College Graduation Gift for Any Age?

Things like headphones, kitchenware, and other popular graduation gifts are nice and sure to please…

But they don’t carry that sentimental value that stirs up loving memories or reminds them of what’s important whenever they look at it. In the end, this “stuff” usually ends up getting lost in time or simply forgotten about.

That’s what makes a custom Keepster storybook so special.

With Keepster, you can collect and memorialize text messages, photos, and precious memories from your student’s high school or college career in a physical book they can take with them into their next chapter.

Sharing photos of their first car, celebrating their college acceptance, navigating freshman year

You share so many big life milestones with them through private text message threads and family group chats.

A Keepster book is especially unique because it allows you to record these moments forever. It’s a snapshot in time—a portrait of who they were that serves as a reminder of how far they’ve come.

Whenever they want to relive their role in the school play, growing close with their best friend, or setting up their first apartment, they can reach for their Keepster book and look back on how they got to where they are today.

For more information on creating a custom Keepster storybook for your graduate, check out our blog “How to Make Keepster Books” and give them a gift they’ll never forget!


What’s the Most Popular College Graduation Gift?

You probably already guessed it: Cash. 

Every college student needs it. 

But if cash is the only college graduation gift they get, they’ll likely use it on essentials within a few weeks and have nothing left to remember their achievement.

By no means are we saying to deprive your graduate of some much-needed food and gas money....

But if you plan to give them cash, slip it into a heartfelt card or another graduation gift—like their very own Keepster book!  


What’s the Most Versatile Graduation Gift?

The best gifts are often the ones that involve a memorable experience…

And as bland as they may sound on the surface, gift cards are an incredibly versatile graduation gift that—with a little creative spin—can be fun and thoughtful.

The great part about them is that they can be tailored to whatever your student wants or needs. 

If H&M is their favorite clothing store, you can get them a gift card to finance a celebratory shopping spree. You could even go with them to make a fun trip out of it.

Or, if they’d like to make their own Keepster book with friends or a significant other, you can get them a Keepster Gift Code


What’s a Popular Personalized Gift for High School Graduation?

For students who love to show their school spirit, class gear is always an excellent graduation gift idea.

Set them up with a Class of 2023 shirt, pendant, ring, or custom Letterman jacket so they can rep their alma mater around campus. Fellow hometown residents and alums will recognize them instantly, sparking friendly conversations and lasting relationships.

What’s a Popular Personalized Gift for College Graduation?

College graduates can be tricky to shop for. 

If you’re fresh out of ideas, try taking a popular gift and adding a personal touch to give it some sentimental flair.

Gifts like an alumni license plate frame with their name and graduation year or custom luggage with their initials in a stylized font are perfect examples.

Whether they’re driving home from university or road-tripping with friends, these practical gifts are guaranteed to come in handy for years.


What’s a Popular Personalized Gift for an Older Adult Who’s Graduating From College? 

Shopping for an older adult? These college graduation gifts will surely put a smile on their face:

  • A custom coffee mug with their school mascot, graduation year, name, and title.
  • A personalized plaque with their name, major, and new title to hang up at home or the office.
  • Personalized gifts for their favorite sport or activity (ex: a duffle bag with their name or initials for the gym-going athlete, a custom platter or serving tray for the home chef, or music lessons for the aspiring musician).

You could also pick up a bottle of their wine or liquor of choice and enjoy a glass together to celebrate!


What’s a Popular Personalized Gift for Advanced Degree Graduations?

Graduates with advanced degrees often venture out into the professional world post-graduation.

If they’ll be working in an office setting or have a private office of their own, graduation gift ideas like these will surely be a hit:

  • A personalized and professional frame to hang their diploma on the wall.
  • A nice custom briefcase or office bag with their name and title embroidered on the side.
  • A piece from their favorite artist to decorate their workspace.


Wrapping Things Up

Remember, you don’t have to go crazy buying outlandish or expensive gifts to make your student feel loved and appreciated.

The best graduation gifts are usually the ones that are simple yet thoughtful—practical, personalized things they can use in their everyday life or priceless mementos they can carry with them for years to come…

Or both!

It’s up to you, so get creative and have fun with it!


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