How to Give the Happy Couple a Gift They’ll Want to Open Again (and Again).

Keepster Books: A Unique Wedding Gift, that's also a Priceless Time Capsule!

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With almost any wedding approaching, the question always looms large; what's a gift that’s completely original, celebratory, thoughtful, and completely befitting of the big occasion? Before you head off to the engravers or settle for a gift card, rejoice, we have the answer! 

Using Keepster, you can draw together messaging conversations and photos from the couple, their family, and friends to create a very special and fun kind of ‘Pre-Wedding Album’, guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind! 

Filled with the texts the couple may have shared with you during the early days of their dating, or with messages sharing the big news; or around the planning; or the pre-wedding festivities; this singular, beautiful book becomes a totally unique keepsake, jam-packed with special memories and fully devoted to this special life season.  

Keepster also allows you to gather together multiple chat threads with different groups or individuals so that you can loop in family, friends, or any loved ones to create a gift that is as personal or as broadly inclusive as you wish it to be.

It’s the storybook of the couple’s blossoming romance that they’ll be glad to leaf through, over and over, and for many years to come. 


Here are some ideas of what’s too good not to include!

“I Remember When You Two First Met!”:
Reflections on the early days from Family and Friends

Thanks to our text messages, we can easily go back in time and find the telling traces of what was to come. However you got to see the couple’s romance unfold, chances are your texts did, too!

Maybe one of the about-to-be-marrieds sent you a text from the day they first met their special someone? For most couples it’s easy enough to remember the first date, but what about all the other messages, about the butterflies, from back then when it was still the early days? Maybe you got the front row seat to their date recaps?  

This is the perfect opportunity to gather together those ridiculously sweet or (initially disastrous) moments….whoever knew! 


“I Knew You Loved Them When…”:
If ever there’s the moment for Friends & Family to get sappy and sweet...

Consider texting family members or friends a prompt.

"Hey! looking for a recap of the moment when you knew XXXX was head over heels in love. Please share!"

Long or short, their replies could make the perfect addition to your Keepster!

This is how you could also incorporate messages from the wedding party, college roommates, friends from first jobs, etc. Anyone who’d have fun or lovely things to say about your happy couple could easily get included too.


“Before, After and During the Big Day From Our Eyes!”:
Messages and Moments Captured by the Crowd

Often the ‘candid’ shots and side stories are as side-splitting or just as memorable as the official celebrations...but all too easily those can fall through the cracks.

Consider asking others to share messages with those memories or moments they may have captured to fill in the details, the background, and the history to the couple’s ‘big day'.

Perhaps they went through a bit of a rollercoaster time will the planning? Maybe there were messages and photos around the bachelor/ette parties that you know they’d actually love to memorialize? The possibilities around even the little everyday bits or in-betweens are often what makes a story a story! 


“This One Time…”:
A chance to say it as is

Your wedding Keepster might not be as complete without the...well...umm...let’s call them the ‘wild and wackys’ from friends and long as they’re appropriate for the other halves to read! 

All it takes is to text a question! Just message whomever, ask, and with their permission, include!

You’ve got free reign here: whether memorable stories of childhood adventures, rowdy college days, post-grad pretensions or beyond... 


“Never Go to Bed Angry”:
Wise Words from the Pro’s

Gather words of wisdom from the marriage pros in the bride or groom’s life. Loop in grandmas, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends…If you’re short on ideas to pitch in, here are a few of our faves: 

  • Keep texting your spouse like you’re still ‘dating’!
  • Don’t leave the house without saying some form of ‘I love you ’- or if squeezed for time…. you can always text!  
  • The little stuff is really the big stuff. Most often it’s just the little things that we say/text/do that keep the bonds strong.
  • We all know laughter is the best medicine. So, don’t think twice to text a cute meme or a joke.
  • Tell them you love them often. And yes - emojis will do! 


With Keepster, you can memorialize all these priceless stories, memories, and photos, with the greatest of ease.

This wedding season, consider giving the gift of Keepster: digital memories turned tangible keepsake. This is one wedding gift any happy couple will adore. To customize your gift further please click to learn more about Keepster Books.






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