Texting Etiquette 101!

Texting plays a huge role in personal interactions, so here are 15 rules to message like it matters.

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Three Cheers for Dalvin Brown’s USA today article ... that recently appeared in USA Today

15 unwritten rules of communicating in the digital age, according to people on Twitter

'Use at least one Emoji per text': The new rules of communicating in the digital era | USA Today article

We’ve all heard it before: the way we communicate these days has changed drastically. But Mr. Brown had the brilliant idea to delve further by asking people on Twitter for some of their rules when it comes to digital communication. 

Texting plays a huge role in personal interactions. So as the Founder of Keepster, with “text like it matters” as our mantra, I was tickled pink by this article. Yes - we use texting to manage a lot of our mundane activities. But based on our extensive research, texting is the way in which we connect and stay connected with the people who matter to us. 

Need I point out how often we choose to text rather than make a call? Need I draw your attention to the unique kind of spontaneity which the medium allows? Texting often transcends conversation with wonderful bits of banter, humor and pure emotion - much of which simply does not occur face to face. And because texting, unlike social media, is private it’s the perfect place to let ourselves safely be our most vulnerable, quirky, honest and even weirdest selves, which to our thinking celebrates intimacy.

All this to say - long live texting! And while you are about it, you might as well be mindful of the rules. Thank you Mr. Brown!

8 Rules to Message Like It Matters

(Please note for the purposes of the blog I am selecting only the ‘rules’ that are specific to texting)

  1. One word texts like OK and LOL are conversation killers. Don't respond with one word, unless you don't want to talk anymore.
  2. Don’t take hours to respond without an excuse.
  3. You don't actually have to leave a voice message.
  4. If someone asks you multiple questions via text, don't just reply to part of the message.
  5. It's OK to text Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc. You don't have to call. 
  6. Don’t have one-on-one’s in the group-chat, better yet, rarely send group chats. They're mostly annoying and usually avoidable. 
  7. Try not to deliver bad news via text. 
  8. If you have time to post on Snapchat, you have time to respond to text messages.



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