How to sync iMessages from your Mac to your iPhone

Ensure that your iMessages appear on both your Mac and your iPhone.

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We get this question every now and again when people have more messages on their MAC computer than on their iPhone. For example, in some instances, you notice that after you have completed a backup some of the messages you expected to see are not there for them to view in their Keepster backup. Or, maybe you bought a new iPhone but subsequently discovered that not all of your messages were showing up on your new phone, even though all their messages were on your Mac.

If you see messages on your Mac, but not on your iPhone, it is possible to sync your devices so the messages are on both on your Mac and on your iPhone as well.

To get all messages synced across all your Apple devices please follow the steps below: 

1.  Open messages on your Mac computer by clicking on the green message icon in the menu bar.


2.  Click on"Messages" in the top menu bar.


3.  Next click on Preferences.


4.  Go to your account by clicking on @Message

Please note: It is very important to check that all your devices are using the same Apple ID. This will allow you to sync text messages across all your devices.


5.  Under your Apple ID check the box "Enable Messages in iCloud".


6.  Click Sync Now

By clicking on Sync Now you should be able to sync your messages across all your Apple devices. This will take some time depending on how many messages you have.

If for some reason this does not work we suggest that you contact Apple Support for further assistance.


Now, what can you expect after syncing your messages from your Mac to your iPhone?

When you send or receive a message, it will appear on both your iPhone and your Mac.

Also, having successfully completed the above steps, you will see the messages missing from your iPhone that used to only be on your Mac. Now when you do a new backup, this will allow Keepster to see all of your messages in your new Keepster backup.


Why use Keepster to backup and organize your iMessages, texts and chats?

Many people ask us why they should use Keepster and not just use iCloud or iTunes/Finder backups? Here are some key reasons why Keepster is a useful software to have in addition to iCloud:

  1. You can use the Keepster app to do so much more with your messages. You can easily:
    • Search for specific messages by keyword or date (no more endless scrolling).
    • Organize important messages for easy reference, in folders by topic or however it makes sense to you.
    • Turn your messages with photos and emojis into books with PDFs to create beautiful gifts or lasting keepsakes.
    • Do multiple backups from multiple devices, without overriding previous backups.
  2. For people who use different messaging apps, Keepster makes it easy to backup and organize messages from these various platforms all in one place.


Helpful tips for getting started using Keepster after you’ve synced your messages across your Mac and iPhone

  • To start using Keepster you first need to download the app from our website to your computer, and then follow these steps:
    1. Complete an iTunes/Finder backup. Return to the Keepster app, and select "Create New Backup"
    2. Select the Latest iTunes Backup, and immediately the Keepster backup will start.

For more detailed instructions please check out the video on our website How To Get Started to show you in detail about creating a Keepster backup.

  • To update your Keepster backup to include your most recent messages, it is always necessary to update your iTunes or Finder backup first. For additional information please watch the video How to Refresh your Keepster Backup video.
  • If additional information about how to use Keepster is required please check out our FAQ’s, the How-To section of our blog. However, according to our customers (unlike many other backup services), our app is extremely user-friendly:
    • “The application is super easy to use!” (Lacey M) “Great app. Easy to work with and great customer support.” Love it! (Jane D)


What else can you use Keepster to do?

Our focus at Keepster is on helping people preserve their irreplaceable messages, in the form of tangible, printed keepsake books with PDF’s. In fact, we believe that of the 18.7 billion texts that are sent per day, at least many millions are significant and are truly worth saving. Most likely there’s a good chance that if you are reading this blog you also have messages that you’d hate to lose.

Hence our mission: to preserve the messages that matter most. Consequently, aside from the requisite backups, our focus is upon helping people preserve those irreplaceable messages, in the form of tangible, professionally printed Keepster message books.

To quote yet another five-star review:

“Keepster is at the forefront of modern remembrance of the special moments, words and emotions loved ones share through technology today.” (Tanian)

To this end, we have provided all sorts of options to customize and personalize our books to create one-of-a-kind, high quality gifts that are both beautiful and sustainable.

For further information please feel free to ping our Support Team in CHAT on our website or in the app.


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