Preserving Digital Memories Shouldn’t Cost Precious Environmental Resources

Keepster’s Commitment to Sustainable Gift Giving

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At Keepster we believe that for many there exists the basic human need to save memories in a tangible way. This memory keeping extends to safekeeping favorite digital memories and messages, which is why we built the technology to turn messages, texts, and photos into Keepster books.

Our mission is buoyed by when we hear from happy Keepster customers: stories of how much it matters when their sentimental, romantic exchanges; messages around life events; texts from lost loved ones; even our modern-day take on baby books are created, gifted, and received. With every book order we can almost picture the recipient’s face upon its arrival - their surprise, tearing into the pages, turning over each and every memory like it’s new...

We have always believed in what we do and yet one dilemma constantly nagged at us: how could we continue to ensure that these fleeting snapshots in time be transformed into lasting, tangible keepsakes … without diminishing our already over-taxed environment? Specifically, how could we stay committed to offering high-quality printed books, and at the same time mitigate against participating in denuding our planet of trees that are necessary for paper production?

The solution? A partnership with One Tree Planted, and a commitment to planting one tree for every one Keepster book ordered. Thanks to their extraordinary work in reforestation we were able to find a solution and an answer to sustainable gifting!



We believe there is no longer any choice when it comes to acting responsibly vis a vis Mother Earth and her diminishing resources. More than that, we want to do our part to make sure our fellow Keepsters feel ‘good’ about the businesses they support, the products they purchase, and explicitly the way they choose to memorialize their memories.


So, here's the math …

A single Keepster book can range in size from 4 to 800 pages.  A single tree can yield as much as 20,000 sheets of paper.  Based on that we can now feel reassured that each book ordered is a positive investment in reforestation efforts.

Today, customers who choose to memorialize their sweet musings from sweethearts, funny one-liners from friends, best bits of family banter, and so much more, can feel confident that not only are they are gifting something that is genuinely one-of-a-kind and intensely personal, but one that is also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Moreover, there is the satisfaction of knowing that while your texts, chats, favorite memes, and photos will be safe from the perils and pitfalls of being purely digital (think obsolete or lost phones, accidental deletion, etc.) at the same time there is the contribution to reforestation and all its ensuing benefits. Though the hope is that our customers will keep their Keepster books close forever, if that turns out not to be the case, then the entire book is biodegradable. How’s that for eco friendly?

In our quest and commitment to more sustainable living and gifting, we have connected with some incredible like-minded individuals who are on their own unique journeys to preserving our planet. The brilliant Rachel Brown, of UK based DIY Garden, wrote to us in her efforts to highlight the immense destruction of deforestation and an actionable guide to working towards a wonderful world, which you can read here:

It’s heartening to come together over such crucial causes: preserving our memories and protecting our planet! Consider supporting our mission at Keepster, today.  Make a Keepster Book and support reforestation!


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