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We have always been huge fans of the Style Me Pretty site and were so honored to have them review Keepster and the experience with our app to make a custom wedding album and memory book, based on text messages and photos, making a special love story last forever.

Style Me Pretty is always committed to helping loved ones find the perfect wedding day gifts and we were delighted that they would recommend Keepster text message books as a way to commemorate these special, cherished moments.

See the reasons why the Keepster Wedding Books are good gift-giving ideas for your friends and family who have recently wed, or the perfect way to commemorate treasured moments with your life partner. It’s a personalized intimate message book that no one else could ever create, creating a special story plucked directly from messages sent to loved ones leading up to, during or after the big day.


Style Me Pretty on Keepster

Style Me Pretty took our app on a test drive to show their readers different ideas and ways that they can also create a special wedding love story.

They provide a complete review of the experience from beginning to end including our favorite excerpt:

“Keepster lets you collect, curate, and organize your treasured texts and build them into a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Just think of all the cute moments that are captured on your phone, all the moments that have led you to where you are right now…you’re getting married!” 

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Style Me Pretty editors share their own testimonial on how Keepster works to take messages straight from your phone in order to easily create a wedding book. They say the following regarding the creativity behind Keepster:

“They make beautiful wedding books with a twist. It’s a love story that you write yourself. Well, you’ve actually already written it–it’s your texts! Keepster lets you collect, curate, and organize your treasured texts and build them into a one-of-a-kind keepsake.” The Style Me Pretty team also calls out a popular way people use Keepster, as great anniversary gifts for those who are celebrating the special years after they’ve said “I do”.



Grab Some Wine and Create Your Wedding Album

The Style Me Pretty team went through the process and shared their thoughts through this fun TikTok video. It helps capture the excitement and fun of taking a trip down memory lane and creating something special and unique to help you remember and celebrate your wedding day. Creating a wedding album from iPhone texts and photos has never been so much fun and easy.


@stylemepretty Saying “I do” is like turning the page to a new chapter. πŸ“– But, before the rest of your love story unfolds, cherish the moments that became “once upon a time” in a beautiful book with @Keepster_app ! Discover how to save and treasure your modern fairytale at the #LinkinBio! 🏰 #weddingplanning #weddingtips #weddingphotos #weddinginspo #weddinghack #keepster #weddingkeepsake #lovestory ♬ original sound - Style Me Pretty

Embed Video Caption: Style Me Pretty calls Keepster a great way to save and treasure your modern fairytale. For romantic and nostalgic lovebirds, this is the perfect custom gift idea.


Wedding Album Ideas from Style Me Pretty

There are more ways to tell your special romance story and capture all of the moments of your wedding than just with a one-way thread the day of the ceremony. Style Me Pretty provides inspiration for recent brides and grooms, plus some ideas that might be helpful for those planning to walk down the aisle soon.


BFF Gift for Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids and maid of honor are special. So special that they were called on to stand next to you and support you during your most magical moments tying the knot with the love of your life. Show your friends how much they mean to you when you create a bachelorette party book to remember the special shenanigans of your last single ladies' nights out. Create a book of your bridal showers and your moments getting ready for the ceremony together. Candid shots getting makeup and hair are the things that make BFF gifts priceless. Capture moments that are sincere, heartfelt, and unforgettable in a way that only you could - along with the sayings and inside jokes that come along in your text messages. We loved this idea! What have you got for your bridesmaids and maid of honor?


Thank You Gift for Your New In-Laws

It’s not only a special day for you but it’s also a special day for your parents and in-laws as two families come together to become one. They wanted to come together with you to create the most memorable day of your dreams and a personalized thank-you gift shows them that you valued making these memories with them. Create a custom “Thank You” book for them inspired by your favorite wedding messages and photos shared by friends, family, and guests that helped make your day special. Saying thank you with a Keepster book is a unique way to show you care.


Celebrate Your Anniversary with Your Relationship’s Best Moments

Whether you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary or your fiftieth, an anniversary album to share memories of your special day can be a thoughtful way to reinforce your shared memories and strengthen your bonds. Your wedding day was a life-changing experience with the most tender of moments between you and your spouse. With the help of Keepster you can now relive memories even after your wedding day over and over again with a custom-made anniversary book. You can highlight the most beautiful moments of your relationship from the wedding or new memories you’ve developed over the last year showing how much you continue to cherish the moments in between. If you want to make it extra special, you can insert images from the wedding day itself even if they weren’t a part of your text message thread. Keepster is helping your connections and relationships blossom and develop even more after you’ve said “I do”.


The Crowdsourced Wedding Album

Don’t sweat the process of gathering up shared photo albums and trying to create a story. Get your friends and family to text you the photos they took at your wedding and ask them to share a memory of the most memorable events from the day and night of your ceremony. Use these texts to assemble a unique, custom, crowdsourced wedding album for yourself or even to surprise your new favorite couple. Create a wedding photo album that is truly unforgettable by simply asking all of your favorite amateur photographers from your wedding day to text over memories and photos and start creating a Keepster album today!

Get started with your very own Keepster wedding book. Hold onto the memories that matter most!


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