September: Get Your Sh*& Together Month!

Timely and useful information from Keepster Newsletter - September 2019

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Ah, September... Hello, fall! How are ya doin’ back-to-school season? Okay... most of us haven’t been students a while. Even still Still, we’re fully embracing the spirit of it all: a fresh, bright-eyed new beginning. We’re feeling compelled to organize our calendars, our desktops, and even our texts. There’s something about this time of year that pushes all of us to get ready, get set, and get our sh$! together. You too? Good. Glad we’re on the same page!


Ready, Set...Reflect

After months of travel, indulgent long weekends, overflowing inboxes that could wait until Monday, late nights and no morning alarms - it’s the month bucking down, and getting ready for a new season… But wait - let’s pause for some reflection. Come on, we’re Keepster - of course, we’re going to encourage that! Hear us out... Did your school teacher ever lead your class through that ice breaker - the one where you recount your favorite summer activity? Ah, good times. Don’t worry, no awkward group ice breakers here, but similar sentiment. As another summer has come and gone, think... you (and your phone!) are the keeper of three months worth of memories, adventures, moments, messages. So we ask you: what made your summer special?


Maybe your mind immediately goes to a family trip, a weekend with friends, a series of mundane moments made hilarious because of the people you shared them with... whatever ‘it’ is, we bet some of that magic was captured with your mobile device.


You’re sitting on a treasure trove of ‘good stuff’ right there - so don’t forget to back up your messages, maybe even make a Keepster book, and above all: carve out some time to reflect before charging full (September) speed ahead.



Let's Do This, September!

From our students, to proud parents of students, to fast-paced professionals - basically for anyone who simply can't shake the pull of September-get-your-sh$!-together, Keepster is here for you.

  • Let’s turn those summer messages or the first day of school memories into printed Keepster books you’ll treasure long after the season is over.
  • Let’s toss our texts into satisfyingly secure Keepster folders, ensuring they’re safe and organized.
  • Let’s do more with our messages that matter.


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