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Spookiest Thing About October? ... Is How Fast It’s Flying By!

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It’s like we snapped our fingers and poof, it’s October! 

You won’t catch us complaining.

We’re diving face-first into pumpkin-flavored everything, watching the fall leaves start to turn. There’s something so sweet and nostalgic about this time of year here in the USA - plump pumpkins sitting on doorsteps, the hunt for the perfect Halloween costumes.  Also, the urge to overuse the 🎃 emoji.

And oh! Yes! 
It’s time to start pouring over our texts and Keepster backups, picking the messages for must-have Keepster books, perfect as holiday gifts. 
Too soon? Hear us out... 

The moment the calendar hits Halloween, we are on the fast track to the holiday season. 


Take a stroll down memory lane ... in your phone!

Being major 'moment lovers’ we obviously adore this time of year.     We encourage you to consider something that creating Keepster has taught us: 

  • text like you mean it
  • consider the real connections digital communication allows
  • and reflect, reflect, reflect. 

Pick up your phone and take a look at your messages. 
(We aren’t being bossy. Trust us here).
C’mon scroll through. 

Which ones make you smile? Which ones tug at your heart?  Which ones make you want to literally laugh out loud?  Which ones captured a feeling you wish you could bottle up to relive again and again?  Which ones made you think: “Wow my friends are insane, I’m so glad they’re mine”?

You know the ones. We all have them.
As the holidays approach and 2020 gets dangerously close, let's begin to turn our thoughts towards revisiting our messages, moments, and connections.

One last thought….

Before it’s time to create those holiday books consider
the idea of texting with intention.  

Then ... bring it all to life with a printed Keepster book. 


Which are the messages that matter to yoooooouuuuu?

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