My Mom's Messages Matter Most

Since my Mom’s words are words I never, ever want to forget ... I made them into a Keepster Book!

Original my mom's messages matter most

My Mom is my best friend. 

I know, that sounds like a cliche just in time for Mother’s Day but really, ask me any other day of the year, and I’ll tell you the same thing. She jokingly has always said “I can’t be your best friend, I gotta be your Mom!” but in all reality, she’s perfected both. She is single-handedly everything I ever want to be and everything I already am - at 28, I can confidently report that what they say is true: daughters turn into their mothers, and let me tell you, that’s a privilege for me! 

Growing up, she’d leave me notes in my lunch box or cards on my bed if I’d aced a test or had a rough swim meet - she always has the words. Her pep talks are the best medicine: the cure to a broken heart, a bruised ego, faltering faith, any form of worry. When I went away to college, her daily advice turned to texts and I so wish I’d saved those threads. That was nearly 10 years ago and sadly, I didn’t think to keep them all but they were pure gold - full of hilarious mom advice, sage wisdom, her patented pep talks, even the occasional butt-kicking! My Mom’s advice is infamous amongst my friends, they often joked then (and still do now) that they needed a Linda. She tells it like it is - whether with a card, a call, a face-to-face chat or a text with a well-placed emoji or two. Her words are the backbone of my childhood, her advice and wisdom are the feathers woven into my wings, her constant love and support is the foundation from which I launch myself, each and every time I set out to succeed. 

There is no one who knows me quite like she does ... 

no one who can know exactly how my day was, how work is going, how my husband is doing, how the dogs are, how life, in general, is simply by the tone of my voice when I pick up the phone. My Mom and I live 3,000 miles apart and have for the past two years - quite a leap for an only child who would rather hang out with her parents and husband, more than anyone else. 

Due to the time difference and my ever-evolving work schedule, so much of our communication is made possible thanks to the power of texts. Even still, she knows exactly where I stand without me having to say much, she knows exactly what words I need to see flash across the screen to dust myself off, get back up, try again. That is quite the superpower my mom has, one that I hope to hone in on when I’m fortunate enough to become one myself someday…. 

My Mom’s texts brighten my day … 

snap me back to my best self, make me laugh harder than they probably should, and comfort me in times of panic (listen, navigating that whole #adulthood thing isn’t always that easy, right?!) That’s why this Mother’s Day, I decided to create a Keepster book full of some of my very favorite text threads with my BFF, my Mom. I made one for myself and one for her. I can’t wait to surprise her with it, and love that I get to add my Keepster book to the many cards and notes I’ve kept so close to my heart for all these years. No matter the form of communication, my Mom’s words are words I never, ever want to forget. This year, I want to remind her just how much every single word of hers has meant to me.


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