Gifts for Mom: A Guide for Mother’s Day 2023

Get that “WOW” reaction you’re looking for this year with these unique, creatively-inspired Mother’s Day gift ideas

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Sometimes it can be hard to pick out the perfect gift for mom. You want to get something that makes an impact and feels special. Many modern-day moms are fortunate to have most things that they want within arms’ reach. A quick click, tap, or reminder to a voice assistant is all it takes to stock up on their necessities. 

While convenience is often readily found at their fingertips, simple gifts like a handwritten card and quality time with the ones they love are often all moms want on Mother’s Day. But sometimes, words escape you or don’t seem like quite enough to illustrate the joy she introduces to the world in her unique way. 

If you really want to wow her with a thoughtful gift that pays tribute to all the love, support, and wisdom she’s blessed you with over the years, keep reading…

This article is a guide to creating uniquely sentimental gifts for mom that will show the depth of your gratitude and appreciation in ways that words can’t.


What Makes a Mother’s Day Gift Unique?

Trying to come up with a thoughtful gift for mom can feel pretty stressful. But believe it or not, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make something that she’ll treasure for a lifetime…

In 2022, Lending Tree surveyed over 2,100 American consumers and moms—asking the consumers what Mother’s Day gift ideas they had in mind, and asking the moms what they wanted most.

Not surprisingly, the top three gifts moms were looking forward to were cards, quality time together, and flowers or plants. The quintessential Mother’s Day gifts are popular for a reason! 

Up next on the list were a special meal, a gift card, and something sentimental.

But does the fact that physical gifts like cards, flowers, and gift cards are the most popular mean they can’t be unique?

Of course not!

You could insert photos of mom’s first time meeting her grandchild into her card, get her a gift card to the restaurant where she and dad had their first date, or pick out a bouquet of flowers that represents motherly love.

Truly, anything personalized, family-oriented, or shared between the two of you is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2023. 

There’s a reason your kindergarten art sticks around well past your young Picasso days, and it’s because you made something that was uniquely you. That’s why you’ll find macaroni necklaces in keepsake boxes around the country.

That said, unless it’s from one of her grandchildren, a macaroni necklace isn’t going to do the trick in this case!

The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to WOW a Beloved Mom

The best Mother’s Day gift ideas bring priceless memories together in a way that reflects how precious mom is and how much she’s made you and your family’s lives brighter and more meaningful.

This list of gifts for mom perfectly captures that sentiment, with several wow-worthy ideas she’ll cherish for years:


1. Turn Your Texts & Photos With Mom Into an Everlasting Keepsake With Keepster

Growing up, my parents always told me, “Once you graduate college, time seems to keep getting faster and faster, and it doesn’t slow down!”

Now, as an adult, parent, and business owner, I can confidently say they were 100% right.

Even with a phone in my pocket 24/7, it’s nearly impossible to capture and keep up with all the memories that go flying by on a daily basis.

But you’d be surprised how many special moments you capture in your text message threads with mom…

Photos from your little one’s piano recital, cheerful good morning messages, planning special events, uplifting advice, making each other laugh, and so much more.  Remember the time you ordered her a delivery meal to surprise her and she freaked out like you were a magician? Did you share photos of how you nurtured the succulents she gave you, receiving tips along the way?  These are the stories that are captured in text messages each and every day. 

Although normally these precious memories would get buried under all your new messages, accessible only by scrolling up and searching with keywords on your phone or computer…

With Keepster, you can easily download all your messages with mom onto your computer, organize them, and compile your favorites into a unique keepsake book that she can read whenever she wants to relive those fond memories.

In addition to picking a special photo and designing the book cover, choosing the title and composing a special message as a dedication to your mom, you can also add in comments throughout the book, explaining how specific messages helped you through a tough time, encouraged you to ask for that promotion, or made you a better parent. In addition you can add in photos that weren’t included in your messages 

When crafting your Keepster book, you can choose to concentrate on  a specific theme, and even add in photos that weren't sent as messages so as to create a more complete album such as:

  • Celebrating the pregnancy journey and birth of a baby for a new mom
  • Commemorating a baby’s firsts: first smile, first bath time, first words
  • Creating a family cookbook from all the recipes they’ve sent you
  • Highlighting times they’ve served as a role model for you

Or, you can create a collection of memories that honor her invaluable impact on you and all  the members of your  family, by including their messages and photos as well. 

The possibilities are endless, and customizing your Keepster book is a simple and smooth process from start to finish. This step-by-step guide will get you up and running in no time, and before you know it, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind gift that will blow mom away!


2. Create a Custom Family Photo Calendar

You do your best to document family gatherings, quality time with mom, and your kid’s sports games. Why not put your vault of photos to use in a creative way this Mother’s Day with a custom calendar?

You can personalize your calendar, adding a thoughtful description and a family photo or two to the cover, and customizing every month with photo collages, loving messages from the kids, and more.

Each month, they’ll be reminded of beautiful memories shared with those they love and greeted by personal messages from dear family members. 

It may only last a year, but who says they have to get rid of it? You can repurpose those photos for other uses, you can tear each month off to use in a collage or vision board for the future. 


3. Have You & Your Family Write Loving Messages for Mom With “Letters to My Mom”

Sending a heartfelt letter to mom, or a set of them, for undeniable fun. 

Consider a Mother’s Day gift that includes multiple letters based on different situations.  For example, in addition to her Mother’s Day message, send her sealed notes for different situations after Mother’s Day has passed.  Put a big warning on each envelope that alerts her to what they are suited for:

  • WAIT: Read me when you need a laugh
  • WAIT: Read me when you need a hug
  • WAIT: Read me when you’re feeling hangry
  • WAIT: Read me when you miss me
  • WAIT: Read me when you’re looking to amplify your happiness
  • WAIT: Read me when you want to walk down memory lane
  • WAIT: Read me when technology got the best of you for the day
  • WAIT: Read me when you need a self-confidence boost

That way, she’ll open every letter exactly when she needs to, making this gift all the more meaningful.

You can also consider creating a jar of memories and “blessings” to share with mom or grandma.  Get a mason jar and then some small cards or notes to fill it up.  Write about memories, names, places, and stories that warm your heart. Count up all of the things that fill you with gratitude towards mom and give her a jar packed-full of appreciation. 


4. Customized Ceramics 

There are several places you can purchase customizable dishware, urns, jewelry containers, and more that will provide plenty of inspiration for thoughtful gifts for mom.  

A custom idea that we love: immortalize your family’s famous pie recipe by scanning it in and adding it to a custom pie dish. (This is a great idea for capturing mom or grandma’s unique handwriting on a piece that will last for years!)

There’s something extra special about getting a ceramic piece that was handmade with love.  

See if you can locate a local ceramics and crafts boutique or go to your local recreation center to see if there are classes available. Get your hands into the game and make a ceramic or paint a pre-made mold yourself.  

Gifts like these aren’t just precious mementos. They’re also practical items mom can use for years to come!


Extra Inspiration for Your Keepster Gift

Not sure what direction to take your custom Keepster book? Check out our blog on how to create the perfect Mother’s Day Keepster book.

Inside, you’ll find all the inspiration you need, with ideas and prompts you can send to mom that will not only get some memorable responses, but also strengthen your relationship in the process.

Sharing funny moments, life advice, and sentimental memories will no doubt bring you closer as you reflect on your best moments together and receive her hard-earned wisdom. Who knows, you might even learn a story or two that you never knew before!

Then, when it’s time to create your book, collecting all the messages will be a piece of cake.

When you want a gift that stands apart, let Keepster tell the story that’s sitting in your text messages, and give mom a unique, personalized gift she'll never forget.



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