One Millennial Reviews the Keepster Book Gifted to her Mom

Sabrina reviews a one-of-a-kind gift that her mom will cherish forever!

Original millennial reviews keepster book


When our CEO, Jennifer, set out to give her life-long best friend a particularly special birthday gift, she became her own customer once again, deciding there was no better way to celebrate her best friend’s milestone than with a book of their messages, chats and photos. 



Jennifer created a beautiful, hard-cover book covering years and years of their friendship, their ups and down, good times and bad times too: a chronicle of their very own history...all right there, in a Keepster book. She filled it with the messaging conversations that only best friends can have, photos of moments they’d shared, plenty of kooky texts that only the two of them found hilarious and even smatterings of language from their ‘old country’. No other gift could possibly have been as personal, or as expressive of their friendship. 

The end result? A thick, glossy, green book her BFF absolutely adored! When Chantal opened her gift, she was speechless - utterly blown away. When she called in her daughter, Sabrina, to show it off, she was blown away, too. 

Keepster Book gifted to best friend

“You should have seen my Mom’s face when she got it! She almost cried. And it’s really good quality. It’s like a real book!” 

Sabrina and her mom, pored over the pages, remembering so many forgotten moments, cracking up over so many others. Though they’d heard plenty about Jennifer’s endeavors to build Keepster, they immediately realized that they’d never ‘got it’ until they got to hold the actual book in their hands and experience what gathering together all these messages and photos stood for: shared chapters of life, and a friendship and history that was beyond priceless. 

“Another reason this book is so special is that my Mom’s about to pack up her life and move, and I know she’s going to be able to keep this book with her forever, to remind her of all the times she’s had with her best friend.” 

With her best friend packing up her old life and moving on to a new chapter, final destination yet to be determined, Jennifer knew that a birthday gift of flowers or some cutesy knick-knack would be a meaningless, empty gesture for her friend in this phase of transition. Instead, a Keepster book was easy to keep close, and be completely worthy of being taken along, wherever Chantal’s life would lead her. Sabrina also couldn’t believe just how impressive the quality of the Keepster book was. 

All things taken into account, she landed up re-considering her earlier stance on ‘not really needing such a thing.’

“I used to think…’Why would I need a book with all of my texts? I have them on my phone!’ But then I thought...what if I lost my phone? I’d lose all of those memories! I can just see myself, 20 years from now, hanging on to this phone, not wanting to lose these memories. Now I can just make a Keepster book!” 

Keepster Book recipient and her MomKudos to Jennifer for gifting Chantal such a special gift, and for making it possible for so many others to do. Not only will Chantal keep her Keepster book close, but we expect that as time passes she will enjoy leafing through its pages to enjoy those special memories again and again. We also know that for sure, Jennifer will do the same, when she looks through her copy of the book, which she too will keep close and treasure. Forever. 

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