Turn Text Messages Into Bound Books or Digital eBooks (PDFs)

Comparing benefits of Keepster printed vs. PDF eBooks as gifts

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Looking to turn your most sacred text messages into a printed or digital book? Keepster is giving you the ultimate “how-to” guide in finding the right book solution for you.


Comparing Printed vs. Digital eBooks (PDF)


Benefits of Printed Text Message Books for Gifts 

A Physical Reminder
If you are someone who likes the tangible aspect of holding on to keepsakes then having a printed version of your Keepster book is better suited for you.  

Gift Giving Impact 
It’s the ultimate experience to open up a book that has been printed just for you, it truly feels like a special memorialization of moments that matter in your life.  

Taking Digital Memories into the Analog World
Flipping through pages of your past digital memories from text messages gives you a way to experience your personal story in ways you couldn’t have otherwise. 

Printed books are also great gifts for the friends in your life who appreciate vintage experiences. 

Make it Real
Having a printed physical copy of your Keepster book makes your design more real.


Benefits of Digital Text Message eBooks for Gifts (PDFs) 

Last Minute Gifting
The best thing about creating a Keepster book and saving it digitally is that you can create something that is a last-minute gift.  We know that many people find time slipped away and weren’t able to get ahead with their order in time to receive a printed photobook. 

An Addition to Your Printed Book
We recommend ordering your physical book to gift once it arrives but supplementing it with the additional digital ebook.  You’re able to get it immediately while you wait for your book to print and ship. 

On Deployment
If you have friends or family deployed overseas or in a remote place where receiving a physical package might be prohibitive, a digital book or ebook is a great alternative. 

Your Favorite Digital Nomad
If you have a friend that is living that van life or if they are traveling for work a good portion of the year, a digital book or ebook might be perfect for them.  Rather than trying to coordinate the time and place for them to receive their book, an ebook can find them anywhere in the world. 

On the Cloud for Minimalists
You will be able to save your book anytime and you can open it anywhere. It also helps protect you from the possibility of more clutter. We understand that physical books or anything tangible for that matter can become lost over time and/or be a hassle when you need more space or are in the process of moving. 



No matter what option you choose between printing a physical copy or keeping it digital, Keepster’s custom books will give you the best quality to keep your memories fresh.

Learn how to get started down below with creating your custom book by saving your messages in a Keepster folder.


How to create a printed Keepster Book or a digital version /PDF 

The steps to create either are basically the same. First, you would need to select the messages that you’d like to save in a folder. After doing so, you would need to:

  1. Click on [ + project } next to the folder or open the folder and click on the My Projects tab.
  2. Design your book by choosing the cover color, and the title and you have the option to compose a dedication. For a PDF you would still need to go through these steps, however, you could keep it as simple as you like. 
  3. After choosing the font and carefully pre-viewing your book, click Save your project.
  4. Then on the Finalize Book options screen, you get to choose if you want a printed book, or if your preference is to have a PDF, simply toggle on Digital Only. 
  5. Then proceed to the checkout. 

PDF’s can be immediately downloaded by clicking on the yellow PDF icon on the confirmation screen. Plus you will receive an email confirmation where you can click on the link to download your book by inputting your unique passcode.
Printed books will be delivered according to the estimated shipping date. 

Read more about how to use Keepster to make your own text message book.


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