We made it onto ABC4 to share our story and the glories of Keepster message books!

Especially, why a book of text messages makes such a great gift to celebrate special occasions and loved ones.

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`As the Founder and CEO of Keepster, Jennifer Simchowitz is living the typical 24/7 startup life, constantly working and thinking about little else other than Keepster. So whenever she has an opportunity to talk about what’s on her mind, or tell the story about how she came up with the idea for Keepster, or why she believes Keepster is such an invaluable service, she is beyond excited to do so.

So naturally, when abc4 invited her to talk about Keepster books as a great gift idea, she jumped at the opportunity and was delighted to be interviewed.

Conceivably being a relatively new idea and product always seems to be the most enviable position to be in, but the reality is that it’s an enormous challenge to let the world know that a product, in this case, Keepster books, exists.

For the many people who are eagerly looking for a way to preserve or make books out of their text messages, they are thrilled when they discover Keepter. But what’s also fun for Jennifer is that “Aha!” moment, when people who may not have previously thought about making a book out of their texts, hear about it for the first time and suddenly get why it’s such a winner of an idea, just as abc4 host Nicea de Gering did!

The idea for Keepster books, just like the tone and spirit of this interview, is extremely personal. Jennifer had searched for a way to make a book of her texts with her significant other for a Valentine’s Day gift, but in the end was forced to make the book manually, which was also extremely laborious.

From time to time she still goes back and pages through the original book that started it all. She still feels incredulous that the little red leather-bound journal with cut and pasted-in texts was how it all began. But much more than that she is so deeply grateful that the sweet words and memories of their romantic journey have been saved. That book exists as a priceless document of a remarkable time - for both her partner and herself.

Jennifer loves speaking with Keepster customers and hearing their stories. She fully understands their needs to create a priceless record of a special relationship, or a particularly memorable time in their lives. With the deepest humility, she too can say “been there and done that”. Because of this Jennifer never stops feeling as if she is standing in her customers’ shoes - and her mission to turn everyday moments and conversations into memory-packed treasures continues.

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