In Memory of a Forever Friend: A Quest to Memorialize a Best Friend’s Text Messages

Customer Review by Sara Pietela, Owner of Steady and Flight

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Part 1: Sara’s Keepster Story - Loss, Love and (Never) Losing Messages

Sara lost her best friend, Lisa, in 2017. The death of her dearest friend and daily confidante was beyond heart-wrenching, and in her grief, Sara set out to ensure she could keep all memories of Lisa close to her heart - especially, their shared texts. Her best friend was deaf, and texting had become the primary form of communication for the dynamic duo. She had years worth of threads to keep close. Sara thought “somebody has to have created a company like this! It’s not just me who lost somebody and wants to take those messages and create something with them.” For nearly three years, Sara and her husband searched for the right technology and company to not only safe keep her texts with Lisa, but create a forever keepsake out of them. Frustration ensued: failed attempts, poor user experiences...they gave up...until a few months ago, Sara discovered Keepster. Thanks, Google! 

Sara immediately downloaded Keepster onto her desktop and found the entire set seamless. Once synched, she poured overall thousands of texts with Lisa. She read through all of their text messages for the first time in what felt like forever, selecting nearly every text to create a Keepster book. “I never even read the reviews, I didn’t care what it looked like, I knew I just wanted to have these (text messages) in my hands.” With that, Sara ordered her very first Keepster book - filled with the texts, chats, photos and emojis she shared with her dearest friend.

“I really believe in how special this could be for anyone. Not just someone who has lost their partner or best friend or mom, but also for those relationships while they’re happening in real-time. Creating a book of all of your funniest text messages, or a book of all your most romantic text messages. Or one with just inside jokes. That’s one I could definitely create for Lisa and I.”

When Sara, owner of creative shop Steady and Flight, found us - she knew she’d found something special. After receiving her book, Sara was so thrilled with it that she shared her Keepster experience on Instagram! We were so touched by her story that we reached out to let her know just how much it meant to us. Sometime later that led to us partnering with her to offer her followers 25% off their own Keepster book. Check her out on Instagram to follow her journey, and bring your own Keepster book home, today. 

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