How To Make a Book that Showcases the Pictures and Messages That Mean Most to You

Tips for crafting custom stories from messages and photos you’ve sent in-real-life (IRL).

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Making a book that showcases the pictures and messages that mean most to you

When you're creating a custom book, think about those special events and moments that you can always look back and reminisce about. The special part about custom books is that they can bring you back to a moment in time, like a time capsule. There’s no better portal into your own private, virtual time capsule than your iPhone’s chat history and text messages.

Here are a few common ideas and tips that you can use to get photos and texts from:

  • Engagement, Wedding, Honeymoon, Anniversary - Whether you want to make a comprehensive book that includes all three to show the evolution of your romance or if you want to make separate books for all three to create your own memory book series. Keepster is the best solution to honor your wedding ceremony.
  • Reflecting on a Favorite Day From the Past - We all wish that we could go back in time for just one day. With a Keepster custom book you now can relive the best moments and memories from your past. Whether you had the perfect picnic, a day snuggling on the couch, or an epic surprise by a random act-of-kindness - any day that left you feeling warm and fuzzy inside will be a perfect day to highlight for a meaningful memory book.
  • Making an Announcement (like introducing your newborn to the world) - Want to find a creative way to announce the gender of your baby or to introduce your baby to family and friends? You can now do it more easily with a Keepster book. Share photos and messages from loved ones to have a keepsake for your new baby.
  • Birthdays - One more trip around the sun. Celebrate right with a custom personalized birthday book. Highlight the year that was and prepare for what’s next. Or, assemble photos from different birthdays and track the changes of time, people and places that made each one special.
  • Travel & Adventures - Did you finally go on that trip to Europe? You can create a unique travel log by gathering up everything from photos of epic trips overseas to low-key local family holiday breaks. Turn your adventures into a collection of travel photos and chats pulled right from your iPhone roll, SMS texts, and whatsapp chats.
  • Classic Photos - We all have those photos that we hold onto. Whether it’s a comedic night out with friends, an inspired memory of a meetup with a mentor, or a cherished memory of a late grandparent, keep those classic photos for good with Keepster. Children's Books - Make a children’s book for your kids. Share a story about your childhood using archived photos and texts from those who helped raise you. Share more with those you love, thanks to Keepster.


Guide to Making a Book with Photos and Text that Means the Most to You

Learn more about how you can provide context in showcasing texts and photos that mean the most to you. Your personalized Keepster book is like no other keepsake, every page is a photo and text of your choice with that special intent. The best part of your book is the excitement of sharing a story uniquely your own. Here are some tips when putting your custom book together.

  • Choose a Theme - Find the theme of your custom Keepster book. What messaging do you want for your overall story?
  • Photo Selections - Select photos from your phone to incorporate into your book. These can be funny photos with friends or the annual family photos. If it’s a photo that you texted to everyone in your contact list; it’s probably a good one to include!
  • Organize your Photos - Make sure to save photos that are important to the keepster story you’re trying to tell. The photos should be organized based on where they will be placed in your book.
  • Create a Visual Story - Creating a visually driven story is important for bringing out emotions and nuances that words cannot convey. You want your Keepster book to look great. Whether it’s a gift for someone else or as your own personal keepsake. The most beautiful things in life are those that are made from your memories.
  • Choose Sharp and Clear Photos - No one wants to see blurry photos or photos that have been taken in bad lighting, and they often don’t print as well as photos that have great lighting. Most phones nowadays have incredible camera features that can help you line up the perfect shot, helping make sure that the images that matter to you get justice when you include them in your Keepster book.
  • Include Texts - Funny text messages, inspirational quotes, or last messages shared between loved ones. These texts will play the most vital role in formulating the perfect Keepster book.
  • Tell a Story - By creating a unique setting or developing creative themes, the possibilities for your Keepster story are endless. Use the text threads to act as inspiration in crafting the story you want to tell.


For More Information on How to Create a Custom Keepster Book

Getting Started Making a Keepster Book

In the Keepster app, start off by making a folder of selected messages and saving it. You can always go back to the folder and select Edit Folder to make a change to the title or names of the participants in the chat.

To add more messages or remove a selection, you can do that by selecting the Edit Messages tab. Also if you’d like to add in more content, such as photos or introduce text to include chapters, or fill in the backstory, you can do so by selecting the Edit Messages tab and inserting it between texts, or wherever you see a plus sign.

The next step to start making a book is from the Keepsters tab on the home screen. Simply click the “+ projects” link to the right of the folder name to jump right into the process. The other way to get started making a book is to open the keepster folder and go to the “My Projects” tab.


My Projects

The My Projects tab in the ‘hamburger’ menu is where you will find all the projects that you've created. It is also possible to have multiple projects based on a single folder. This means that for each project you can personalize your Keepster Book cover, title, and dedication to make several versions of a book ... but, use the same saved messages as the contents.

If you haven’t created a Keepster Book, you won’t see any projects under the Projects tab. menu. If you do have saved projects they will be individually listed under the My Project tab along with buttons to resume working on your project or move forward with ordering.

For more information on customization tools, take a look at the next steps for customization options in creating your perfect book. Links can be found below at the bottom of this article.


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