A Keepster Couple "Why My Impossible-to-Shop-For Husband Loved Getting a Keepster Book"

Keepster’s capability to turn those cherished texts and photos into a soft or hardcover book was the perfect gift.

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Hi, I’m a sentimental millennial

Some people are impossible to shop for: either they have it, they don’t need it, or they’d rather skip presents all together! My husband would be one of those people. I don’t mean to make it sound like he’s difficult - he’s wonderful and the sweetest but when it comes to any holiday that calls for gift-giving, I’m at a complete loss. He usually insists “I don’t need anything, babe! Really!” but really...does anyone ever mean that? Maybe...but never one to back down from a challenge, every holiday, I push forward in search of the perfect gift. Enter Keepster books.

I’ll cut to the chase: my name is Olivia, and full disclosure: I work with Keepster, but I fell in love with the app long before I joined the team in any capacity. Three facts: 1) My entire life is on my phone (hi, typical 27 year old): from the majority of my daily communication, both professional and personal to pictures and videos I wouldn’t ever want to lose. 2) I LOVE to give gifts. In fact, those closest to me jokingly say holidays are my Super Bowl and they aren’t wrong. I take great pleasure in finding the perfect present for the people I adore. 3) I’m a total sentimental millennial: I have every card I’ve been given since 12 years old safely tucked away in boxes, prior to Keepster I had hundreds of heart-melting or hilarious text messages saved via screenshot (now they’re neatly organized in Keepster folders and saved on my desktop) and a well-executed walk-down-memory-lane can leave me feeling all the feelings in the best possible way. 


Then I found Keepster ... 

It’s no surprise that when I heard about Keepster’s capability to turn those cherished texts and photos into a soft or hardcover book, I jumped at the opportunity: promptly turning nearly all of my favorite conversations or meaningful moments into Keepster books. My friends loved them - they were totally floored: some laughed, some cried, all hugged me and thanked me for the sweetest, most personalized gift. Our favorite moments and conversations: from college conversations to post-grad trips to first jobs to bridal showers to wedding days...my girls and I have lived it all together and our texts tell those stories. They were blown away by the product and honestly, I was thrilled to have found such a personalized gift to give that was easy, affordable...OH WAIT. MY HUSBAND. As soon as I saw how touched they were by the gift and gesture, I got to work creating the perfect Keepster book for my guy. It was a long-shot...who knew if Mr. “Let’s just spend time together, no gifts needed!” would like it, but it was worth trying! As I scrolled through our texts in my Keepster backup, I couldn’t help but reflect on just how far we’d grown as a couple: from 18 to nearly 28, we’ve been so lucky to have nearly a decade of friendship, laughter, love, travel, trials, triumphs...nearly all of them detailed out in our texts. Cue all the happy tears as I pieced together my masterpiece. I chose one of our favorite pictures together for the cover, wrote a dedication page that was sure to make him laugh, and counted down the days until delivery! 


The Keepster Book arrived ... 

It came. In all honesty, there was no holiday, there was no ‘because’ and sometimes those are my favorite gifts to give. A random, totally out-of-the-blue “I love you” type gesture. I proudly handed it to him over breakfast one Saturday with his morning cup of coffee. At first glance, I could tell he knew what it was - he’d heard me gush about Keepster for a few weeks, but once he opened the cover and really saw what it was...he was blown away. It was us. It was the story of us: the story that our daily digital communications told. From first dates (yeah, I somehow have texts saved THAT FAR BACK!) to hilarious picture exchanges from our first apartment together many, many years later.  I had incorporated so many meaningful moments. He was floored. We read it together: laughing and reminiscing. All he could say was “I can’t believe you made this for me...this is the best thing I’ve ever seen!” 

And THAT my friends, is how I finally found the perfect gift for the impossible to shop for love of my life.  


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