How Downloading Keepster Changed the Way I Text

Downloading a desktop app designed to organize and safekeep my texts changed the way I use my mobile device, look at my messages, and manage my threads.

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Texting & I have a serious love affair

As a writer and big-time talker, I’m one of those that lived for a good note passed during class, a particularly exciting AIM conversation, a text from some boy or friend that made me flutter.

Not shocking to report that I text full paragraphs.  My friends joke that I follow zero ‘texting etiquette’ and that’s how they know it’s me without having to check their screen - multiple text alerts in rapid succession. I’ll triple text your ass all day. I have zero texting shame, and frankly, never have. 

I can still remember the thrill of getting my first cell phone and diving headfirst into the world of digital note-passing. It was a T-Mobile Sidekick that buzzed and pinged like a rocket-launch whenever I got a message, I swear those sounds can still get my heart rate up. Listen, I had a lot to say then and obviously, still do. 

For most of my adolescence and late teens, texting held the key to conversations that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise had. Confrontations, late, late-night exchanges,  heart-to-hearts, fights with what my generation calls “fuck boys”, you know, all of it. 

Fast forward a few years (okay, more than few, shit when did I grow up?) texting still has a huge hold on me. I’m married to the greatest guy (learned my lesson after only a few aforementioned fuck boys) and I’m constantly digitally connected to the same friends I was having those late-night SMS heart-to-hearts with. I even text with clients, coworkers, my chiropractor, our dog’s vet. Adulthood, man. 


Then Keepster changed how I text

As a big texter, I was stoked to learn about a desktop app that would keep all of the messaging threads that matter to me safe, secure, and even searchable by keyword or date. That being said, as much as I considered myself the texter, the talker, the storyteller, I was shocked to find that when I downloaded Keepster, my conversations weren’t lengthy. In fact, threads that I was sure dated back years stopped a few months back, max. With a chorus of shit shit shit echoing through my head, I realized that out of habit, I’d deleted so many conversations that mattered. I hadn’t noticed until I wanted to look back. 

I’ll be honest, nothing earth-shattering, but a group text that started circa 2011 with my college roommates should have kept me scrolling all night...instead, our conversations were only a few months old. Those threads with my now-husband when we had first started dating years ago, full of awkward first exchanges that my friends and I would analyze like a crime scene. The text from my best friend when she sent that “Guess what?!” followed by a picture of her and her new beau, faces pressed together with sheer giddiness, a sparkly solitaire on that finger. It had been, maybe a year ago, where was it now? My stomach flopped as I realized the texts I cherished from my parents - wise-ass remarks, wisdom, recipes, random “I love you’s”..they didn’t date back beyond a few months. Why? Sure, I periodically would go through and delete the majority of my conversations, almost as a de-stressor...but, had I really done it to conversations that mattered? Turns out, yes. 

Too many conversations cluttering my mind? Delete. Work and life feeling totally unorganized or all over the place? Surely deleting my text threads will solve that. *Insert eye roll here*. Delete, delete, delete. That was fine in theory until I wanted to look back and finally had an easy, fun way to it with Keepster. I downloaded the app last December and since then, I am proud to report I have stopped deleting the threads that matter to me. 


I've stopped deleting messages because they matter

Too much of my life is happening on my phone for me to go on a deleting spree, at least when it comes to the people and moments tucked inside those messages. That’s the deal we make with modern technology - we’re so connected with a slew of pings, dings, pops and alerts: we often delete, disconnect, disassociate. As ridiculous as it sounds, I’d love to have those messages back. They didn’t hold anything crazy magical. They were simply early conversations, blurry college memories, pearls of wisdom, recaps of weekends or first days at jobs...they were the everyday stuff that I actually care about. 

So now, I don’t delete. I dump all my messages into my Keepster folders, rest easy knowing they’re backed up, and triple text everyone as much as ever.


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