Keepster books are showcased in an interview with WJTV about Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

Our founder, Jennifer Simchowitz explains why if you’re looking for “The Greatest Gift Ever” Keepster Message Books should be at the top of the list.

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A Valentine’s Day gift for most people is synonymous with a bunch of red roses, or a box of chocolates. Though those gifts may be very sweet, there’s more than a hint of them being somewhat ho-hum. That is why there is the constant search for a new idea, for something unique and utterly romantic.

Our Founder and CEO of Keepster, Jennifer Simchowitz, was thrilled to be part of the discussion and started off sharing how she, like so many others, was also on that mission to come up with a gift that was very different and meaningful enough to be kept forever. That special something turned out to be a book of text messages with her special someone!

In the interview with WJTV she expresses how amazed she was to discover that, contrary to her expectations, there wasn’t a platform to easily create such a book, and that’s what ultimately caused her to forge ahead with the startup. It’s understandable that Kayla Thompson, who conducted the interview, thought that Jennifer might have come up with the idea for Keepster by way of scrapbooking. But rather, aside from their constant texting, it was Jennifer’s interest in art history, archived documents and letters that developed her appreciation for keeping records of key communications and thoughts. Fast forward to today, particularly with our communication being mostly digital, since “our texts are where our love letters are” , to Jennifer’s way of thinking, they too deserve saving. Hence Keepster message books!


In response to Kayla’s question about how one makes such a book, Jennifer explains the process. First, it’s necessary to create a backup of your messages onto your computer. From there you can easily pick the messages and photos you’d like to include. Then you design the cover, and choose from any of the many options that are available to customize and personalize your book. That’s all there is to it!

The added value of using Keepster is that you land up having the messages from your phone backed up so that you can feel secure knowing they are ‘safe’, easily accessible and viewable on your computer anytime should you wish to look through them. Plus using Keepster’s backup capabilities is free of charge. As for the books, they can be accompanied by a digital version should you choose to add one on. Either way the result is a compilation of moments big and small, written in your very own words.

So forget about the roses or the chocolates! Nominated by Keepster customers as “the greatest gift ever”, if you are looking for a Valentine’s gift - or an anniversary gift, a birthday or holiday gift - that is unique, extremely personal, and meaningful, there truly is nothing else quite like a Keepster message book.

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