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Fun Tips for Creating a Customized Book with Text Messages

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Using Keepster Can Help You in Creating Your Customized Book

Feeling a little stressed or stumped trying to create your own customized book idea?  You’ve come to the right place. We've come up with a list of ways you can get your creative juices flowing and slip right into the groove of making your own personal, customized book. Create your one-of-a-kind keepsake or gift while sharing great text messages and favorite moments with friends and family. 

Throughout the years, you’ve kept in constant contact with your family and friends through your phone. Some of these messages are so memorable that they deserve to be made into a customized personal book. 

In this blog Keepster helps you pack up and print a book of your most precious memories. Read our tips and tricks for creating your own custom book of memories.


Ideas for Times to Include in Your Custom Keepster Book:

  • Birthdays - Family and friends typically share photos from a memorable birthday event. Use the messages in the text thread or from the group event that made everyone laugh. Maybe someone was recounting a funny birthday incident that happened to grandpa years ago. Maybe while celebrating a baby’s birthday the baby grabbed the entire cake with his/her hands. There are always birthday memories that you can pull from as inspiration to get started.

  • Veterans Day / Honoring Your Favorite Service Member - Do you have a real-life hero that deserves their own story book?  Do you have a family member that served in the military? Do they pass on stories about their time in the military? Did you greet them at their graduation or attend an honors ceremony?  With Keepster, it’s easy for you to recollect these moments with the help of your text messages and turn these stories into personalized messaging books. It’s an excellent way to honor a legacy of service and sacrifice. 

  • Thanksgiving, Christmas & Other Holidays Photos - Just like with birthdays we like to memorialize every event or celebration with pictures that we take from our personal phones. These are some of the rare moments where you get the whole family together and have a chance to get everyone in a photo. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a book that collects them all and share them with the rest of the family.  Make a book out of all of the holidays where you have gathered together and watch the family grow and evolve over time. Don’t just watch the Memories in photos on your iPhone. Make something more out of these pictures by combining them along with adorable family text messages for a family-themed Keepster holiday book.

  • Hanukkah - Eight nights of celebration, each one a chance to collect photos of the family lighting a candle and sharing precious moments.  Collect photos of the kids playing games, cooking together, and sharing stories with the family. Keep the warmth of those memories burning bright through the winter by assembling your photos and text messages into a custom Keepster Hanukkah book.  

  • Moms and Dads - Show your appreciation for Mom’s classic advice and encouragement. Gather up dad’s classic jokes or practical tips. Whether you have the stereotypical parent dynamic or something different entirely, you can customize this book to best suit their personalities.  Create a book based on your favorite text messages advice and you can pass it down through generations.  Delve into your family history text messages and share the story of your genealogy.  Whether you create a book that is grin-worthy or groan-worthy, show your gratitude to your parents in your own custom book for mom or dad.



Ideas for Themes to Include in Your Custom Keepster Book

  • Romance - Are you a hopeless romantic? Keepster can make any of your archived text threads into a romantic book. Celebrate the partner in your life by giving them a keepsake book from your romantic memories. From your favorite date night to your most romantic messages complete with pet-names, these are the memories that honor your special love. Highlight the best parts of your relationship with a romantic Keepster book.

  • Life’s Major Milestones - Celebrate the milestones of your biggest life challenges and successes with a Keepster book of memories. You can start at the beginning of your milestone journey when the seed is planted, where your new vision of possibility starts to take shape.  You can end at the completion of this milestone with pictures and texts of well deserved praise.   Some of our favorite milestones: getting your driver's license or first car, moving to college, graduation, a performance or art exhibit, engagement, renewal of the vows ceremonies, retirement, and anniversaries.

  • Weight Loss Journey - Losing weight is a struggle. We know this.  We live this. That’s why we know that your successes with your weight loss journey are worth celebrating.  Reflect on your inner strength and health improvements in a tangible, non-food reward way.  Create a customized Keepster book of your journey and you might just find yourself more focused and motivated to stay on track with your healthy habits and keep off the weight.  

  • Moving Into a New Home or Transforming / Remodeling - Congratulations on your new home! Nothing is more beautiful than the new home a family just secured, except maybe the home once everyone is moved in and set up just right. If your BFF sent you texts at every step of the home hunting, buying, moving, furniture buying and home decorating journey, it’s time to help them celebrate the new move with a Keepster book housewarming gift.  

  • Family Growing or Child Growing Up - Announce the arrival of your new little addition to the family with help from Keepster. Take a photo every day of your bump and use Keepster to help create a pregnancy book of these photos and sweet text messages from loved ones as a recollection for the birth of your baby. “They grow up so slow,” said no one, ever. Use the text messages of your child’s experiences growing up to create a story that helps the family see the different stages of their development from a unique angle.  Consider making one Keepster book each year for grandma and grandpa to have their own exclusive book club.

  • Pets - We adore our pets and know how highly regarded they are to our family. The adoption process and excitement bringing home your new fur-baby home deserves its own book, fur-sure.  Capture your favorite canine, feline, or equine friends and create a story about them from your text messages to honor how special they are.



For More Information on How to Create a Custom Keepster Book

Intro to Making Keepster Books

Chances are if you’re thinking about making Keepster books, you probably feel just as we do: though we lead fully digital lives, our desire to hold something in our hands as a memento or a physical artifact still exists as a powerful need. 

Keepster books are very near and dear to our hearts, as they are the idea from which the Keepster app sprang to life.  So we invented a way to turn the messages you have on your iPhone into professionally printed and bound books.  Keepster Books are a wonderful way to re-live and re-visit special moments, remember special occasions or celebrate meaningful relationships. 

The great news about making a book is that all you need is to have created a Keepster folder. And from there, turning one into a book is a snap! 


To quote one of our customers: 

 “Such an adorable and unique record of our family’s history at a great moment. It took me less than 5 minutes to make!!! So much more fun and EASIER than any other photo book!”





Keepster Books are based on the messages that you have backed up and saved to Keepster folders.  If you have not already made a Keepster Folder, check out our post on How to Make Keepster folders. If you wish to change, remove or add newer messages please refer to How to Edit Keepster Folders, How to Save Thousands of Texts, and to How to Update your Keepster backup. 

For more information on the next steps in our step-by-step guide to creating a Keepster book click here.



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