How To Write a Love Letter Using Keepster

Tips for Writing the Ultimate Love Letter Inspired by your Text Message History

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Get Inspired to Write the Ultimate Love Letter

Writing a love letter is one of the most common traditions since the invention of ink on parchment. A love letter symbolizes much more than words, it is a way in which to commemorate your love and show adoration for all the things that they do for you. 

Keepster wants to help you craft the perfect love letter, the ultimate personalized Valentine’s day gift. 


Our tips will take your love letters to the next level; and we even have pro tips to help you create something truly memorable using modern technology and love messages you already have at your fingertips.  Get ready as we help you wrap your love around every word to convey your commitment and care.   


How to Begin Writing Your Love Letter

Open with a formal but sweet salutation to set the stage.  Decide what works best for you: a formal and traditional salutation OR a more modern and playful one.  

Formal and Traditional Salutations for Love Letters:

  • Dear darling,

  • To my love,

  • My love / My Beloved, 

  • Dearest, 

  • Most Divine, 

  • My Heart, 

  • My Sunshine, 

  • Hello Sweetheart, 

  • My One and Only, 

  • My Other Half, 

  • Hello Gorgeous, 


Modern and Playful Romantic Salutations for Love Letters:

  • Forwarded to my sweetheart,

  • To my boo / bae, 

  • To My Permanent +1, 

  • My PIC (partner in crime), 

  • Hey Babe, 

  • Wifey / Hubs,  

  • Sweet Thang / Honey Bun / Cupcake, 

  • My king / queen / empress / prince charming / knight in shining armor,

  • Use their twitter handle / Instagram handle


This salutation can set the tone and help put a smile on your loved one’s face. This sets it up properly before they read everything the letter includes in the body section. If none of these salutations above work for your love letter try using a “cute” nickname that only you call your partner.

NOTE: Your salutation should be relatively short. However, the salutation should effectively emphasize how important the established relationship between the love-letter writer and reader is.


Focusing on the Body of Your Love Letter

Be Specific

Keep your letter focused on what you want him/her to know. Get clear on what you want them to take away from your love letter by browsing through the text message history between you and your beau.  Scroll through the SMS history to pick out moments, emotions, and shared experiences that really tug at your heart strings and which paint the picture of your special relationship. Give the letter intent as you jog your memory and let your text history help you recall all of the moments that matter the most to you both. By getting clear on the things you want to highlight and by creating some specific intent, you are able to make your love letter short and sweet, which is more powerful than one that is long and dull. Write down bullet points beforehand about what you want to say.  

If you’re creating a digital love letter using a Keepster book (our favorite way to get a love letter), you can browse your iMessages and start to organize these moments into folders so you can easily put together your love story into a book for the real “wow” factor.  


Be Personal

Don’t look up quotes from movies or the internet. Speak directly from your heart. Your partner wants to hear from you, not someone else’s cliched response. This is why your text message history is the perfect spot to get your message.  Go into specifics of why you love him/her and share a tender moment that you two had together that made you fall more and more in love. You can find these tender moments through photos you’ve taken together or text messages that you’ve saved since the beginning of the relationship.  

If you use Keepster to create your custom love-letter, you are able to put these specific messages and photos directly into your book to make it ultra-personalized and effective. 


Be Detailed

This goes along with being personal, being detailed is important because you should list all the ways that your partner makes you feel. Those specific conversations where they made you feel heard, special, or gave you butterflies - yeah - those are the ones you should include. Don’t be generic or afraid to list a reason that isn’t physical or emotional. You should share the most intimate parts of your love. 

When you put together a Keepster book, you can use photos and saved text messages to capture your true feelings for your love.  A custom love-letter book from Keepster will be sincere and hit home with its ability to capture details about your relationship and communication.  The effect is heads-and-shoulders above that of a standard, canned Valentine’s Day card. 


Remember that it’s the Thought that Counts 

Create a more in-depth version of an anniversary card or formalize your engagement story by using your texts. This love letter serves as the best reminder to him/her that you thought of them. Don’t get flustered or frustrated by your lack of writing ability or get caught up in trying to sound the most sophisticated. Just be yourself. That is why they chose to be with you and why no matter what message you share in this romantic love letter, it counts to them as something much more.

Keepster allows you to look back at specific dates and times in your SMS, Viber, Whatsapp, iMessage and more.  This allows you to gather things more easily, eliminating some of the writer's block and frustration that can come up when you’re trying to write a love-letter that hits all the right notes. 


How to write the ultimate love letter with Keepster


How can Keepster Help?

We at Keepster want to be a part of helping you share your love letter to your partner. Keepster can store your archived text messages with him/her into Keepster created folders that you can incorporate into your love letter. Have a love text chain with them that you would like to reminisce on in your letter? If you place it into a Keepster archived folder we promise you that it will be there for you to be able to use to show your affirmation and affection. Don’t worry, your data and messages are secure, your information is private and only available to you in the Keepster app.  Your most private data and messages won’t be compromised.  Whether they be playful messages, sexy messages, or the most candid messages; they will be there for you to use in reference to your love. Everything that you need for your letter has already been written for you in those private messages that you’ve shared with one another.


For More Information on How to Create a Custom Keepster Folder

The best thing about making a love letter with Keepster is that you can create a Keepster custom folder to store all your romantic text messages into one central location. Having this organization will be crucial to effectively relaying your emotions to your loved one.

Here is the step-by-step process of creating a Keepster folder.


How to make Keepster Folders (step-by-step)

Below please find the step-by-step instructions: 

  1. Open the app and begin by selecting your device, the relevant backup and the messaging platform where the specific messages are located.

  2. Find the contact name or chat group by simply scrolling through all your chats or you can search by name.

  3. Select specific messages (and photos) by scrolling through the chat thread to select the specific ones you wish to save. The keyword and date search features are there to help narrow your search. 

  4. Select the button to create a Keepster folder so that all of the checked messages will be put into a folder. 

  5. Choose a name for the folder and if you wish you can edit the names of the person or people in the chat. Or you can merge names if needed. You also have the option to write a more detailed description in the space provided. Click to Save your folder so it will automatically be saved to your list of Keepsters on the home screen.

 {-----------  HELPFUL TIPS  -----------}  

Keepster folders can contain as few or as many messages as you would like. However, you may only add up to 3,000 messages at one time. If you wish to save more than 3,000 messages to a folder, please repeat the process of selecting messages in batches of up to 3,000 until you have all the messages you want to be saved.  For more details, see our related post: How to Save Thousands of Texts.

Using the date feature is helpful for filtering messages for a specific time period. 

When saving hundreds or thousands of messages please be patient. Saving messages with lots of photos can take longer.  The amount of time it takes to save messages will depend on how good your internet connection is.

Keepster folders are dynamic: you can add and remove messages whenever you wish.





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