How to refresh your Keepster backup

Include the newer messages you’ve sent and received [video]

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Congrats Keepster user! You’re doing great!

  1. You have all your messages safely and securely backed up. 
  2. You know how to view your messages and navigate around the app.
  3. Chances are you’ve created Folders and possibly a book or two.


But as we all know, new messages are being sent and received all the time. 

So it is always necessary to refresh your backup. 

Before you proceed we’d like to remind you again that Keepster backups are local, on your computer, and therefore fully private! 


The video below will show how to:

  • Refresh your iTunes backup for Windows & macOS Mojave.  If you are on macOS Catalina, see the video below for how to backup using Finder.
  • Update your Keepster backup, to include the newer messages since the previous backup. 
  • Keep multiple backups in the Keepster app so that a more recent backup need not override a previous backup (another Keepster feature that’s pretty great!)


Please watch this video to see how to refresh your Keepster backup 



For macOS Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey

Don't forget you backup your iPhone or Ipad using Finder.


Once you’ve backed up your messages using Finder, please ...

  1. Go to the Keepster app 

  2. Select “Create a New Backup”

  3. Select your latest backup.

Keepster will take care of the rest!


Please remember to update your backups regularly!  Since you get how valuable some messages can be, we recommend you set regular reminders on your calendar as frequently as it suits your needs.

When you refresh your backup you need never worry about losing messages again!


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Anytime you have further questions please contact us at, ping us on CHAT in the app, or visit the FAQ's on the website.

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