How to make Keepster books

Turn texts and photos into a brand new gift idea or keepsake [video]

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Keepster books are very near and dear to our hearts, as they are the idea from which the Keepster app sprang to life.


Chances are if you’re choosing to watch this video, you probably feel just as we do: though we lead fully digital lives, our desire to hold something in our hands as a memento, a keepsake or a physical artifact still exists as a powerful need. 


And no - we’re never giving that up! Hence, meet Keepster books!


In the video below you will see how to:

  • Make a printed Keepster book from text messages & photos. 
  • Personalize your book - with cover color, dedication, and binding option. 
  • Edit your book
  • Order your book/s

Please watch this video to see how easy it is to create Keepster books 


Now get ready to turn your digital messages into a tangible book as a great gift or keepsake!


As you can see in the video, the great news about making a book is that all you need is to have created is a Keepster folder. And from there, turning one into a book is a snap! 


To quote one of our customers: 

 “Such an adorable and unique record of our family’s history at a great moment. It took me less than 5 minutes to make!!! So much more fun and EASIER than any other photo book!”

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Anytime you have further questions please contact us at, ping us on CHAT in the app, or visit the FAQ's on the website.

Thanks so much for your interest in Keepster books. We can’t wait for you to jump and create something that is original, unique and completely personal.

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