How To Create the Perfect Mother’s Day Book of Texts

More than ever, thoughtful gifts seem like the right choice. Here’s some inspiration for a super thoughtful gift for any Mom.

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If you’re looking to gift your Mom, Mama, Madre, Ma or the beloved mother-figure in your life a gift that’ll blow her away, we invite you to consider creating a book filled with your shared texts and photos. 

Imagine a Keepster book full of your day-to-day back and forths: bits of news, silly moments, sillier selfies, photos that’ll never make it into any album, little messages of love, caring, possibly dazzling advice,  plus so much more... A special book of messages and photos is the perfect way to tell it all, exactly as it is! 

With all those little moments, woven together, a Keepster book is a chronicle of your relationship. It will exist forever, as tangible appreciation of just how unique your mamma is. It will be a unique testament to your affection and a perfectly beautiful way to communicate it. 

It’s the kind of gift you’ll feel satisfied to have given, and proud to have made. Most likely it will be displayed on the mantelpiece or on the coffee table, or be placed on her bedside table, as her favorite occasional night-time read, This is one gift that will never grow old. 
So now what?

If you’re looking for more inspiration, or perhaps would like to pepper in a few more texts ‘to boost the legacy value’, keep reading…


First, a few general tips before you get started:

Never say you’re too busy! 

Yes, we’ve made the process of making a Keepster book as seamless as possible - but still, it will require you to set aside a little time to actually do it. However, when you and your mom actually get to hold your book in your hands, we guarantee it’ll be totally worth itl 


Plan ahead!

Over the next few weeks as you text with your mom, start weaving in some of the questions into your chats so as not to make it feel like a crammed questionnaire as you get closer to placing your order. Consider sending them in a sibling or family group chat, sneaking them in subtly so she doesn’t suspect a thing, or simply saying outright that you’d like to keep her words close. 


Anything goes! 

Ask short questions and don’t be afraid to ask obvious ones (if not now, then when will you ask?) Don’t only stick with questions that are answered as basic facts, yes’s, no’s or in one or two words.  Also you can always follow up with asking why? Or, tell me more….


Use Keepster’s tools!

Take advantage of Keepster’s superior search capabilities to zoom in on specific moments or occasions. Being able to search by date range is super helpful (what was that message I sent my mom on her birthday telling her how much I love her?), or by keyword ( as in ‘birthday’) or combine both searches together!


Share it with your family!

Keepster allows you to easily combine messages from others so you have the option to include messages from other members of your family to widen the circle of love for mamma. Your call who gets to order the extra copies 😉 


We’ve compiled some of our very favorite texts:

Any of these texts would be perfect to send to the mothers of our world.  Use them for inspiration or feel free to send them in preparation for creating the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift: a Keepster book.


Memories... Sweet and Sentimental 

  • Remind me of that one time when we…
  • Hey, can I tell you about my favorite recent memory with you…
  • What’s the one snapshot in your mind of us together that you’ll never forget? 
  • I was wondering...when’s the last time I made you feel loved? 
  • So, can I tell you about that time when you made me feel so loved…
  • What’s that song that makes you think of my childhood? 
  • What’s the most ‘you’ quality I possess? (I’ll tell you what I think after!)
  • What are you most looking forward to in life, right now? 


Funny stuff… Moments and Messages 

  • What’s the funniest thing I ever did growing up?
  • Did you know the hardest I ever laughed with/at you was...
  • What’s the worst thing I ever did (as a teenager) that makes you laugh now?
  • Maddest you’ve ever been at me?
  • What’s the naughtiest thing we ever did together?
  • What’s the most embarrassing moment that you’ll never forget
  • Tell me one funny thing that happened to you that you’ve never told me before.
  • What’s the one joke that you’ll never forget /makes you laugh every time?


The game of Life… Sharing the lessons. 

  • What does being a mom mean to you? 
  • If you had to give me three simple rules for living, what would they be?
  • What’s one thing you think everyone gets wrong about life?
  • Did you know the one piece of advice that I return to over and over again is…
  • What really matters?
  • What makes you most happy?
  • What’s your trick to feeling better when things are tough?
  • How do you ________?

These texting exchanges alone are sure to spark your mother’s recognition about how much you value her. More than that they could blossom into conversation, inspiration, story-swapping and certainly a few tears. 

No matter how you go about gathering, organizing, and choosing whether to select all messages, or just the highlights, a Keepster book provides a wonderful opportunity to honor the superwoman of your world this Mother’s Day.



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