And how to navigate around the Keepster app and find your favorite Whatsapp, iMessage, SMS, Hike, Line & Viber messages [video]

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OK, so you've completed a Keepster Backup ... now what?

If you need a refresher on How to create your first Backup of iPhone Messages to your computer, please click on this link.   If you’ve recently completed a Keepster backup of your iPhone messages to your computer, you can breathe easy -  all your messages are safely and securely backed up!  

Having done so, your next step is to browse and view your Whatsapp, iMessage, SMS, Hike, Line or Viber messages in the Keepster app. Now you can have fun finding special messages, unearthing some of the wackiest ones, or revisiting the ones that touched your heart. 

With Keepster you will see how user-friendly and easy it is to do so!


How to Search Text Messages and Navigate Around Your Keepster App

This video below will show you how, as well as how to navigate your way around the app. This video assumes you've already completed the process of backing up/ transferring your messages from your iPhone to your computer.

In this video you’ll see how to: 

  • Navigate around the app
  • Find a specific text conversation by searching for the name of a contact.
  • Search for text messages by keywords
  • Filter messages using the date range selector
  • Log out from Keepster


Please watch this video to see how Keepster pulls all your Whatsapp, iMessage, SMS, Hike, Line & Viber messages into just one place so you can always find the ones that are meaningful to you.


Now you’re ready to switch over to Keepster and start viewing your messages.  


How to Browse & View Your Backed-Up Messages Step-by-Step guide

The objective here is to find a specific conversation that you've had with a contact using Whatsapp, iMessage, SMS, Hike, Line or Viber.


The Backups tab on the Home screen is where you start when you want to browse the messages in your backup. 

Begin by selecting the device which has the messages you’d like to revisit.   If you backed up multiple devices, each will be listed here for you to select.





Select the backup you want to browse which is marked with the date when you created the backup.

Keepster allows you to have multiple backups.  Each backup is a snapshot of your messages as of the date/time the backup was completed.

To save space on your hard drive, we recommend deleting any old backups that you no longer need.  You can delete by pressing the trash button next to each backup.  Please know that once deleted, the backup can not be recovered.




Once you have selected the backup you want to browse, you will next need to choose the messaging application you used to send the messages.  

Keepster will automatically show all the messaging applications found in your iTunes/Finder backup.

The first time that you view your messages, you will need to first agree to our terms and conditions, before you are able to select a messaging app.  Once you’ve confirmed that you have reviewed the T&Cs, you can click any of the messaging platforms listed for your backup.


When you’ve selected an Application, you will see your conversations or threads listed Newest to Oldest, just like on your iPhone.  

Each conversation will have the date of the oldest and newest messages in the thread.  Also, group conversations will show all the names of the participants listed.  Keepster will even display the picture of your Contact if there is one saved.

To help find specific conversations, you can use the search field to enter a Contact name.  Keepster will filter the conversations and only show those where that Contact was a participant.

Throughout the process of browsing your messages, you can use the BACK button (arrow)  to navigate out of a conversation or to step back to get you to the Applications screen.  You can also continue to go BACK to select a different backup.

We hope you will find browsing your Keepster Backup as easy as viewing messages on your phone.  



How to Browse Your Conversation Step-by-Step guide

The conversation screen has a number of useful features to help you find and save meaningful messages from within a thread.  



Keepster provides a count of the messages in your conversation which is displayed on the screen.  If you apply a keyword or date filter, the total messages number will change.



As you select messages this counter will update, letting you know how many messages you’ve selected.  



This is a very useful link if you are attempting to save all the messages in your conversation or date range.  When you click the link, all the messages in the conversation will be selected.  Once 1 or more messages are selected, you can use the same button to deselect any or all messages selected.  



The search field allows you to find a specific word that you used anytime in your conversation.  Once a keyword has been entered in the field, the messages will be filtered to show only those containing the keyword.  To clear the search criteria, click the X in the search box.  This will remove the keyword filter and display all your messages.


The date range calendar allows you to specify the time period for which you want to see the messages in that conversation.  Once you select the start and end dates, the messages will be filtered to only show those sent or received in that time period.  The date range calendar has quick links to make it easy to see: the last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, this year, last year and since last year.

To discard or clear a date range filter, click All Dates just above the date range search field.


Other Navigation Tips & Helpful Reminders

Please note you can only save 3,000 messages at a time to a folder.  For more details, see How to Save Thousands of Texts


One last nugget we’d like to share... Please remember to update your backups regularly! Since you get how valuable some messages can be, we recommend you set regular reminders on your calendar right away, as frequently as it would suit your needs.



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Anytime you have further questions please contact us at, ping us on CHAT in the app, or visit the FAQ's on the website.

Thanks so much and enjoy the app!

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