A Generation Without Love Letters

I don’t have any other handwritten relics from past romances, I’ve exchanged thousands, if not millions, of text messages with boys. So glad I have Keepster.

Original a generation without love letters

I’m twenty-five and I’ve only received one love letter...

Pathetic, I know, but it was a good one. In it, I was compared to light, and to ‘the concept of music’ and time. I’m not sure what the guy meant, but I’ve never forgotten the line, so I guess it served its purpose. There’s even an accompanying poem. The letter lives in a box in my room at my parents’ house and I read it every once in a while. When I’m in need of some emotional stirring, or a hit of nostalgia it never lets me down. Unfortunately, the letter isn’t even from my favorite ex-boyfriend, just the most sentimental, perhaps the corniest one—it takes a certain type of ‘millennial’ guy to spend his time handwriting love letters.

Though I don’t have any other handwritten relics from past romances, I’ve exchanged thousands, if not millions, of text messages with boys. My best friend, in fact, says that I’m one of the best text messagers around, and will occasionally enlist my help in crafting a romantic message to a crush or picking the best selfie to send.

Until recently, attempting to reread those text messages was a chore. It required endless scrolling past mundane conversations about grocery shopping, movie times, plan making etc to reach the weighty moments of romance, or sections of playful flirty repartee texting is meant for. Occasionally, I’d laboriously scroll through iMessage in search of a moment I recalled as lovely, only to discover the conversation was actually in Whatsapp, which required a whole new search. More tragically yet, conversations I remembered clearly would be missing, lost somewhere in the cloud when I migrated iPhones.  

Then, the same dear friend I’d been helping as a ghost-texter, turned me onto Keepster. 

Keepster is an app that lets you save messages and photos all in one place on your computer so you can easily find and then group anything that you think is worth keeping - by person or subject, or whatever. I’m not sure I should admit this but I now have a folder for each person I’ve dated. I’m even thinking of putting my favorites together to make a medley of flirtatious texting memories. Excellent beach reading, better than Nicholas Sparks. 

I am no longer jealous of the love letters my mom keeps in her Romeo y Julieta cigar box. Keepster is my cigar box and a whole lot more.  



Guest Author:

Zoe Dubno

Zoe Dubno is a writer from New York. Her writing has been published in The New York Times Magazine, BOMB, Garage, Vogue and elsewhere. She’s on twitter @zoe_dubno  

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